“They took our lands THEY TOOKS OUR LANDS” screams the fat sotho styled woman, who is screaming for the government to seize the few remaining lands from the white farmers.

Except the white farmers did NOT TAKE the land from the blacks. The Boers found a relatively unpopulated South Africa, developed it, made it a liveable place, and then blacks from other nations poured in and overwhelmed them.  They did not expel their migrants and it ended up killing them – a lesson for the USA and Europe?

“We live like sardines while white farmers live on hectares of land. Bring back our land!” declared Nthabiseng Tshivhenga, a black civil servant.

Her intervention prompted enthusiastic applause at a public hearing organised by parliament on the hugely sensitive issue of reforming land ownership in South Africa.

Sadly, when blacks are given the farms they sell off the machinery, ,eat the goats and pigs, and let the fruit trees die.  And then South Africa starves. But they cannot get it through their chimp like brains that the whites are the ones feeding them.

The remaining whites should arm up and carve out a section of south africa for their own, and never ever feed the blacks ever again. It won’t be long before their numbers dwindle back to what they were when the land was scrub  and desert.

There is no solving the black psychosis that believes they are the same capability as Europanic peoples. No, there is no helping them. Until we as a people realize that, our nations will suffer or be utterly destroyed.