This balding short guy scored Simona Mangiante. Holy shit. Holy KRIEKE SHIT.  Maybe Money does matter? At least to be in the game.

Simona is a trifecta of winning. She’s a lawyer, a model, and an actress. Brains and Beauty in one package. So rare. So beautiful. So smart.

Granted Federico II only costs $900/year versus $50,000 a year for an American school. It’s so much easier to get edumacated in mostly free Europe we are just idiots for doing so in the USA when no one really cares where you went.

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She has appeared on countless TV shows here in the states. And they basically hand her jobs. In her 20s she was already a director of International and Economic Cooperation.

All of this is made possible since America has driven itself into poverty to pay to defend the whole world, a TRILLION+ dollar commitment to make sure we never have WWIII.

Americans now look like deformed goblins living in poverty. Italy gives us Simona the beautiful. And Papadopolousussus gets the girl.  DAMN YOU PAPA DAMN YOU!

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