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I duno. Everyone in DC is greasy. How many can survive the spotlight shining on them. Not many.  And all the times you ever thought that well those fancy suit factats like manaforte are somehow cheating, well yah no shit sherlock!

But none of this is Russian Collusion. So Mueller and the Dems may get clap happy, but really, what does it mean. Lawyers are slimey? yehlp.

Sadly Trump was in West Virginia and when the Senator brought up Hillary the crowd started chanting “Lock Her Up”. Trump doesn’t mention Hillary. He let her go. And that could be his undoing not Mueller. Because without that arrest, that OBVIOUS breach of security with her private email server, a SIMPLE matter for DIS to grab her, without moving on that, Trump just seems like a fraud.

Mueller knows that lawyers are slimey. Gee I wonder how he knows that! Now Cohen is willing to sing to get out of jail.

“Mr. Cohen has knowledge on certain subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows,” Davis told MSNBC on Tuesday.

Ahh the canary in the coal mine.  Time to buckle up cause this ride is gonna get bumpy.

So ignore these lawyer trials. They matter not. Where is the lock her up? That’s what everyone is waiting for to shut up the Mueller crowds. The MSNBC bad smile people. The Maddow Man hairs. If it doesn’t happen, well, then its all just corrupt.

Trump says it’s not easy.  Yah it never is. But if you can’t at least ARREST Hillary, we aren’t saying win the case, but get her behind bars. Let us TASTE a hint of justice. It’s time.