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LANNY “The Fanny” Davis Should Not Be Here

Lanny Davis, Clinton’s personal attorney, is clearly part of a massive SCAM to FRAME Trump.  Best guess? Theres a huge backdoor payoff to Cohen for taking a fall ALL IN ORDER TO NAIL TRUMP BEFORE TRUMP NAILS HILLARY

Trump it’s TIME to drop the HAMMER, Fire or MOVE Slimy Rosenstein, get a real person in there and get Hillary behind bars on charges. It’s Easy she deleted emails under subpoena she violated DIS rules on intelligence security. ITS FRIGGIN EASY.  Then while she’s rotting hit her for Uranium One kickbacks and hit her for Clinton Inc payola.

And while we are at it, HIT ROSENSTEIN for approving Uranium One AFTER a investigator said there were bribes EVERYWHERE.

WAKE UP MR TRUMP ITS TIME TO MOVE!  And these charges these Lanny the Fanny Davis is totally a SETUP. IT’s a planned game move. Will Trump respond? How much are they paying Cohen. HOW MUCH!