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We send them food. They have babies. Lots of babies. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of babies. ENDLESS BABIES FOR MILES.

It doesn’t matter if they have no food. It doesn’t matter if they have no house or water or clothes. NOPE! THEY HAVE ENDLESS MILES OF BABIES

In fact, really what Africa is, is one big factory that converts western food aid to babies.

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Where is the mandatory birth control in these areas? We have the six month implantable stick in the arm that will prevent babies. Why don’t we pay for THAT instead of food. Food just causes more suffering. They have no restraint nor any concept of planning for the future. They have no concept of restraint or not having babies.  As much food as they have, they will have endless babies.

It’s time to focus on birth control aid for these people.  Set up centers where we just do it to them endlessly all day long. That is the ONLY hope for Africa’s horrible mess.

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A mother sits with her 11 children, fed by western aid programs. This is normal in Africa

Many of the kids are simply thrown in the streets. They feel no family connection. This is the same as what happens to African children on welfare in America. They are just a meal ticket nothing more.

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Hungry Orphans Beg for more Western Food

it is wrong that so many children are born and live miserable lives of poverty and hunger. But Hunger is the ONLY LIMIT they do not use brains or intellect to plan families. The west MUST STOP ALL FOOD AID.

CARE, one of the world’s biggest charities, is walking away from about $45 million a year in federal funding, saying American food aid is not only plagued with inefficiencies, but may hurt some of the very poor people it aims to help.

They will say DRAUGHT. But its too many people tearing up the land for firewood causing bad soil, and too many people for the limited water. There is no draught. They use the same nonsense in California. It’s not a draught in California its 20 million illegal invaders. WAKE UP THE WEST. WAKE UP. WE CANNOT BE SO STUPID FOR SO LONG. ITS TIME TO STOP.