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Italy has said that if there was NOT a agreement at the Brussels meeting on how to redistribute migrants from Italy there would be consequences. And the feckless leaders have arrived at exactly that conclusion.
These human trafficking ships funded by NGOs like Doctors Without Borders who are in turn funded by George Soros, rather than return migrants from 10 miles off the libyan or tunisian borders back to those nations, ferry them 200 miles to Italy, Malta, Sicily, or Spain. It’s a disgrace. It’s human trafficking and it’s illegal. But so far, the negro seeding of Europe – the Kalergi Plan – to bankrupt Europe, is moving forward full force. So what will Italy do now?

Italy and other EU member states couldn’t find a solution at a meeting in Brussels on how to share the burden over migrant redistribution coming by sea, nor what to do with the 177 migrants currently stranded on a ship that is docked in an Italian port.

Ten European Union states meeting over their latest migration tussle in Brussels on Friday found no solution for disembarking Mediterranean migrants stranded on the Ubaldo Diciotti ship which is docked in the Sicilian port of Catania, diplomats confirmed to Reuters. As a reminder, yesterday Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio threatened to stop financial contributions to the European Union next year unless other states agreed to take in migrants being held on a coastguard ship in Sicily.

“Italy was pressing to come up with a solution for Diciotti,” one diplomat said. “But it was not the most important element for the others, they wanted to talk more about structural solutions for the Mediterranean ships.”

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“So there has not been a deal on Diciotti.”

After the meeting, the exasperated Italian PM Conte said the EU has “lost an opportunity” to show solidarity and responsibility by failing to offer a solution on the migrant ship.