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Transsexual did not mean half bald male faced freak.  It would be psychotic and unacceptable for someone to go out this way in public in the old days before the feminist cuck the males agenda of gender.  But apparently this is ok.

If you check any site on transsexual transition you will see CLEARLY that issues of facial and body hair, hair transplantation, facial feminization surgery are all things to clearly invest in and make your utmost effort, especially if you transitioned after the age of 18 or 20 and developed a male cranium.

Now certain body aspects, wide shoulders, these will never really diminish. Even musculature tends to remain without extreme fasting which is dangerous. But things do smooth out over time.

So in the slightly older days, trans people were rejoicing over the skills of the likes of Dr. Ousterhout in San Francisco who could change the male skull structurally into a female ones’.

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But then something went horribly wrong. It’s ok to be a freak why are ya judgin me man! I can be marshmallow gender if I choose it! And suddenly, we see a lot of tragic non passing trans women everywhere acting like this is the new normal.

And waiting until most of your hair is just about gone to transition? Are they NUTS or just COWARDS!  Those who did not wait so long can get hairline feminization surgery.

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I hope it’s not. Trans women who make the effort are beautiful and wonderful. But more and more we just see people like Tur who clearly don’t give a fuck. And that’s upsetting to everyone. Moreover it actually ENDANGERS trans people because it pushes the TRANS AS FREAK AND OUTCAST narrative.  And many trans people end up murdered every year because the freak-tragic narrative reinforces the homophobia and stereotypes.

Take a gander at Lynn Conway’s Transsexual Success Site to see what the non tragic look like. They are only tragic because of the choices they have made it’s nobody’s fault but their own.