People belittle Hess. They say his historic flight for peace, trying to save the whole world from burning, was nothing. No biggie. Like Pence going off on a cruise. But Hess was no junior member. Hess was there from the beginning, there at the Putsch, there in the jail cell writing Mein Kampf, there at every rally, there forming and leading the party. He drafted the legislation and ran the nation. To lose Hess would be no small thing.

Why did Hitler approve of Hess’s flight for peace, to seek out the king of England and present Hitler’s letter of peace. It must have broken Hitler’s heart. In his heart he knew this was the right thing. The right path to restore sanity to a world gone mad. And when they seized Hess, tried him for the crime of trying to bring peace to the world, and locked him up until they strangled him at age 93, well that broke Hitler’s heart. Let it descend into madness, let the world burn. After they did that, the gloves came off for Hitler and Himmler was left to his butchery. The Jews suffered terrible for what CHURCHILL did to Hess because after they did that barbaric act, AFTER Hitler let the british army go at Danzig, After Hitler held back from bombing civilian targets in cities, well at that point Hitler became convinced they were sick savage barbarians. And sadly, Hitler was right. The savagery that would get inflicted on Germany after the war – the rape of its women, the starvation of its people, was beyond atrocious. And the USA did much of the horrors. The bombing of Dresden was the dream that woke Hess up in the middle of night in Terror. Hess foresaw it all. Hess fought to stop it. And they killed him.


Hess was a great man, no the greatest of men. Hitler ended the starvation and rape of his people. For that he is a terror? Hess fought for peace. And was forever loyal. And he gave up his whole life leaving a wife and child behind on a suicide mission for peace. Why don’t they want the world to know the truth?

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The answer to that is there are so many lies in their narrative including the HUGE jewish lies. The holocaust did happen – 60 Million Ukranians were starved to death by Jews and don’t you forget it.

They want us to believe we didn’t know the Pearl Harbor attack was coming. That’s why we sent our new good carriers out to sea.

They want us to believe the Lucitania wasn’t filled with arms.

They want us to believe Vietnam started because our ship was attacked.

They want us to believe that 9-11 involved airplanes hitting buildings, not bombs placed in the building over several weeks.

They want us to believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

They want us to believe that the bankers want to help not harm us

they want us to belive that we can afford to print a trillion dollars in fiat currency each year to fund the welfare and disability payola to the negroid peoples.

yep. Do you believe. DO YOU BELIEVE BROTHER! I’d rather believe in good men like Hess.