And there was much rejoicing.

After promising his voters endlessly he would recind Obamacare, he cast the decisive vote upholding Obamacare.

He worked endlessly against the president and promoted endless wars

He was a fake war hero

He was a horror of a human. Let us rejoice in his passing and hope that so much evil never inhabits one body again.

McCain pushed endlessly for war and conflict around the world. Millions died because of him. He was a rep for the huge Arms industry. Arm sales over lives.

He was dishonest, often changing his stance on immigration just before the elections sounding tough, then voting against any bill that would have strengthened our immigration controls.

He was a member of the infamous Keating Five

McCain seemed to be a secret democrat, leading their agenda secretly from inside the Republican party.

Trump called McCain a fake hero. Getting captured is not being a hero.

Others called McCain “SongBird” for telling secrets in Vietnam after being so incompetent he ejected without pulling his arms in, leaving him with broken arms and an easy person to torture. His father “Admiral” McCain made him a juicy prize for the Viet Cong. He crashed 4 planes in his only 4 flights.  There was also the plane on deck fire disaster which people wonder what his involvement was exactly.

He will not be missed. Moreover we celebrate his passing. We are a better nation without him.