1. The most important thing Trump can do is end the misled birthright citizenship. The easiest way to do this is simply require a Social Security Number for one of your parents on your social security application form. No valid number then you don’t get one either.
  2. Enforce maximum penalties for false ID and perjury. We are all as workers required to sign W-4 forms and present two valid forms of ID. If they are faked then there are multiple years in prison due for committing the crime. For some reason never explained,  If a US citizen does it the book is thrown at them. If an illegal does it they just smile. Time to STOP!
  3. Enforce Banking requirements for ID. For too long illegals got a pass from the banking system when opening accounts. The president can demand this to change and require normal ID documents to open an account
  4. Require normal ID documents to transfer money outside of the country.
  5. End food stamps and welfare for anchor babies (children of illegal aliens born in the USA). No money no honey. GET OUT
  6. Pay for the wall by putting a 10% charge on money transfers out of the country if they are done by central or south american nationals or fail to provide european, british, australian or canadian passport.

Ok that was six. Can Trump do at least ONE of these for goodness sakes!

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