CNN has been calling him a hero for the past five days. Endlessly.

McCain isn’t evil he’s just drawn that way.  Oh John John Johnny McCain. You sold your soul to the defense industry and the deep state. Trump said you were no hero cause you flew a plane four times and crashed a plane four times. You revv’d your afterburners onthe USS Forrestal and crispy fried several of your mates. But oh well. It’s what you do when you are captured that matters… too stupid to pull in your arms when they shot down your plane, your captors offered you fine steaks and ice cream and cheap panang whores in exchange for explaining the attack plans. They didn’t call ya SongBird for nothing. And when you headed the vietnam lost heros hearings you just shut it all down and never recovered any bodies.

Your years of pushing bombing and wars to sell more shit from the werhrmacht made the deep state consider you their watering boy.  Blood and killing millions dead. Arm Al-Queda ISIS fighters and cause the horrors in Syria. Yehp. A good man indeed.

Tuck me in the Air Tonight? Wait a second that can’t be right there’s an “I” in Air. What the hell???