It’s quite a remarkable place. Severny Island is a Russian island located north of the arctic circle. And it’s HUGE. The 30th largest island in the world. And it’s uninhabited!

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Rather than spend hundreds of billions on African migrants, they should simply drop them off on Severny. the Russians would surely rent it out for 100 Billion a year.

We can equip the migrants with axes, flint, fishing line and hooks. Everything they need to make a go of it. We’ll even throw in some warm coats.  There’s even occasional WALRUS to eat!

Primitive house structures abound.

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After a year, the 100 million migrants numbers should drop to less than 5 million. And after three years on the island, the remaining 20,000 cannibals can be returned to Africa peacefully where they will be happy to go back to the warmth. It’s a WIN-WIN !

But it gets even better. Because Severney is falling back into the sea. So if they do nothing, it will all simply disappear!  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So Russia, Brussels, let’s make a deal. Severny is the Solution!