Ol’ Hook Nose is easy to spot

Well the WIMMINZ were in full riot over the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, screeching like harpies from a Monty Python movie.

Linda “Hook Nose” Sarsour, the Mulim genital mutliation Madam who somehow is FOR women’s rights was joined by the horrific vermont communists – THE RAD – who mostly want to tax men to death and give everything to women.

Our nation has failed to establish a democracy that safeguards our  fundamental, inalienable rights  to achieve full human dignity and to advocate effectively for that dignity.

Translation – poor moms get welfare, and let the jigs and hispanics in and give them welfare too.

We believe that each person should get what they need, when they need it. We must dismantle the deeply rooted systems that have led to this historic moment of inequality, addressing diverse, intersecting sources of oppression and confronting every inequity that our communities face. We must create a system that allows each person to live their life with dignity.

Translation – Were COMMUNISTS mothaFukkas.

Somehow a black Kamala Harris protested receiving 42000 pages of documents the night before the hearing.


Somehow a black Corey Booker than followed in protesting the hearing.

Note to white guys: Shave your head and call yourself black, you’ll get free college and might even become a senator someday