It’s taken me a while to understand this. But once you see it it becomes so very clear.

Democrats have now linked to the Gynocracy feminist principle. It causes them to make several belief errors. As women are always taken care of in society they rarely have to worry about money. So for the Democrats money is infinite. And if money is infinite then why can’t we take care of everyone. Feed shelter house everyone. Not just Americans, let everyone from the whole world come here and get everything. It’s a form of Super Communism.  And it’s utterly irrational. But based soundly in the feminist-CARE principle.

the Republicans are the masculine principle. They know we cannot debase our currency endlessly (already at 1.5 Trillion a year of debasement or money printing out of thin air). The men guard the borders of the territory so that there ARE RESOURCES for the WIMMINZ. But also to ENSURE they are the fathers of the children produced. But in cucked America, when the baby comes out of the womb and is black or mestizo, the Europanic men walk away in horror.  Men only want to provide for THEIR OWN children. But the Madonnas and Jolies want all the black and third world children they can get their Uterus on.  The men guard the women during pregnancy and childbirth.  The women provide care to the children. The old systems have fallen apart as women transition to utterly whore-ish behaviours. But now it is infecting even their ideologies with a form of madness and radicalism that is utterly irrational.

The reason that the Dems have Trump Derangement Syndrome is because they were pushing for their candidate – the Feminine (cough cough) Hillary – against the very masculine Trump. Because Trump is not a cock in the mouth candidate like Rubio or a mushed marshmellow like Cruz or a mommas boy cuck like Jeb, they are furious and hysterical.

Trumps policies begin with responsibility. Military defense. Borders. Fair Trade because we cant print money forever. He just has not addressed our deficit spending and budget issues. Is that bad? Well revving the economy FIRST before cutting back is probably a fair idea.

Now the WIMMINZ – aka the demothugs – want to abolish borders and ICE enforcement.  Because africanized non europanics ARE THEIR CHILDREN. WHAAA? Well they’ve already adopted BLACKS as their children. At least the blacks are citizens of America. But genetically it should be abhorrent to treat them like children of Europanics. Yet we see just the opposite – Madonna adopts blacks, Klum dates a black, the Kardashians. What the heck is going on? It’s Hyper-Pregnancy gone nuts.  These psychotics see all peoples as their people and all children as their pregnancy.  This is partially caused by all the abortions they are having, it’s as if their brains are looking for the lost children and want to adopt any child they see black or otherwise, as the missing fetus. This is deeply deranged and not at all normal humanity.  And it’s been forced upon us with multicultural societies. Perhaps its some odd mental adaptation to the cuckoo’s egg in our nest. We raise them as our own even though it looks nothing like us.

For countries like the usa which are already 50% negroid in births, we almost have to admit it’s already too late. And the democrats are pushing a SWAMPING action to sink the lifeboat by piling on all the mongrel children of the world. It’s suicidal. But it comes because DA WIMMINZ act out of feelings without any rationality NOR any future planning capability. It is the WORST of female nature and not all women have such deformed thinking. Which is why many women are republicans.

Many of those who push these psychotic “money is infinite” policies of the democrats are either invaders themselves, or those raised in an all female school system endlessly pushing Lefty politics which is the aborted fetus from Boas and the Chicago school, which is the ancestor of Habermas and Marcuse from the Frankfort school. And of course, our jewish enslavement makes us impregnated with communist thought which is entirely a Jewish formation. Now why did the JEWS adopt communist thinking? Because they were INVADERS in other countries, and they never had BORDERS.  It’s the same principle. They were kicked out of their homeland by the Philistines and dispersed. Then for two thousand years they were illegal aliens in countries that would put up with them. the European kings let them in for a while for their banking services because the Pope said usury was evil. Well the pope was right but it left the opening for the Jews to take over and rule nations until thrown out when the Kings went broke. Hitler simply did the same thing, his nation had been pushed to absolute poverty by the Jews so he tossed them out. Is it so different than any of the other expulsions? Usury leads to POVERTY of the masses and of the governments. IT’s that simple.

So remember when you see the feminist communists democrats screaming ABOLISH ICE NO BORDERS EVERYONE IS OUR CHILDREN nonsense that it’s the communist feminist misunderstanding because they have always been provided for so they never face scarcity. Their brains simply cannot imagine it.  Add ten more kids to a four kid household and suddenly food gets very scarce. But they can’t do that math in their heads. They are feather brains who simply got by on their looks rather than studying in school. And all of life was handed to them in the Gynocracy.  So they just cannot fathom notions of not having it all.

It is the reason why we have 80 million getting disability payments rather than working, because working is too hard. And well the blacks qualify for disability just by breathing with their room temperature IQs.  Sorry it’s true.  And they play it up.  Many cases of foreign invader children FAKING severe mental retardation have come out. The kids are perfectly normal until in the government interview.  Why KIDS get moolah for being disabled is beyond me but they do.  And its big bucks.  A couple of these and a family lives on steaks and lobster not rice and beans.

This coddled society where every dumb kid gets a gold star rather than kicked out of school if they dont work has to end.  Electronic testing that can’t be faked by the teachers needs to be the norm.  Automated education systems that test the kids constantly and use biometrics to check in the kids.  Sure in Atlanta the teachers would fake the black kids scores but eventually it would come out. They couldn’t fake all 12 grades… could they? Maybe they could. But it would at least put pressure on recognizing the REAL ability disparities between africanized genetics and europanics and asians. It’s important to have reality. Instead we have a handout society that just prints money goes into debt and gives out hush money when the system is failing. and it is precisely because this is the case that we ABSOLUTELY cannot be growing our population and having open borders right now. Until we fix this, we should be trying to freeze our population growth, or only let Europanics and Asians have kids (wont happen of course).  But the democratic prescription is a doom pill, it is EXACTLY what will destroy us.  Open borders, ending ICE, its a path to utter destruction. The sad truth is we are already on that path, it is just an accelerant. At least we hope that as things get worse and worse there might be time to wake up in the next 20 years and change course. If the dems accelerate things they know there will NOT be time and they will succeed in turning us into a third world hell hole.

Why would they want to do that? Because the WIMMINZ. Their brains simply cannot grasp logic and numbers and future planning. They simply are not using a rational brain, just their lizard brains, and REE REEE muh feelings. It’s a disgrace.