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What is break even. The number of jobs the USA needs to create to keep balance and not drive up unemployment. Well it should be around 350k. But the thing is, 90 million are simply NOT working and NOT counted as unemployed. So that makes things weird huh?

So what is a good jobs showing for Trump? Is 200k really wonderful? Actually it’s kinda MEH. Break even is probably 250k. We’d like to see 350k as a job creating economy. So 200k really is missing the mark, but not a total disaster. It certainly is NOT “On Fire” as the dopey press would like to call it.

Remember they used to consider 200k break even in the CLINTON DAYS 20 years ago! We have a much bigger population now.

So it’s troubling. And what about the 90 million not working? What about the soaring disability roles – filled mainly with minorities but also a lot of europanic Americans as well. That’s far too much. We can’t have 50% of our working population not working! That’s madness. But that’s what happens when you have a permanent black underclass and also a huge immigrant population sucking on the welfare teat any way they can.

We need to lower those payolas for both disabity and welfare, and also NOT give out more money and housing priority for having babies. That is exactly the opposite of what we should do. How about a $5k bonus if you have no babies in 5 years. And do that every 5 years! from 18-50.

No that would make sense. That would stop the useless generation from breeding like rabbits on a dwinding working class.

We have to look at those percentages, those relationships. America is NOT a healthy place. And if we continue as is, our nation will die.