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Apparently the answer to how to be single, is to be a fat chic.  That’s an amazing dress by the way, kind of like those bikini t-shirts of perfect bodies fat people can wear to the beach.

Hollywood promotes fat chics a lot. Usually men fall all over them and they find love with a prince in a castle. All you need to do is find that Rebel Wilson dress with the sides cut out so if you don’t look carefully and are from afar it looks like she is a normal sized woman.

Pro-Fat-ism is now required in a very fat America. The government forces radiation mutated wheat and corn on the masses, with a slug of Glyphosate to wash it down. The results are disastrous with Diabetes and Waistlines skyrocketing.

Organic real food grown on small farms, free range chickens and happy cows who dont get sent to feed on grain their last three months. Instead its deep fried trans fat franken foods. And people wonder why they get fat.