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America was the great frontier. Settlers managed the land, built up farmland with cattle and chickens, cleared impenetrable forests, and tamed the savage indians. They brought modern houses, sewage, electricity, cars, television, internet.

Blacks were brought in to do the farm labor. But soon traktors and cotten gins made them obsolete. So blacks got uppity. They went north and became a blight on the big industrialized cities, finding some jobs for a time.

American managed to sustain the 10% black population for a time. But then the murderer Kennedy brought in the third world with the 1965 Immigration Act.

What? Are you racist? How can you not want the whole third world to pour into America. The crime isn’t so bad, and we can live with a few rapes and murders. Oh wait, you now need to pay them off or they will loot and burn down cities. So they get their payola, free housing, and free money for each kid. It’s bankrupting us but so what?

Have you noticed all the garbage in American cities filled with AFricans? It’s the same in Africa. No future planning because their brains are too small, so garbage just goes on the ground

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Now the hispanics are pouring into our nation from central America and Mexico. “Ohh we built a shithole nation, theres lotsa crime and it’s broken down. Theres no free money there, please give us the free money”

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Liberians Shit on the Beach Because They Don’t Know How to Maintain the Sewage Systems the Whites Built for them. Bozza.

They lie and say they aren’t married. but their male friends, 45 year olds, sit next to the 15 year old girls as they give birth. They are quick to get on the welfare teet as single mothers.  But the husbands work – cutting lawns, pouring concrete, all paid in cash or using a fake social security number. That identity theft is never prosecuted neither is the lies on the w-4 forms which should just by themselves give them two years in prison. If caught they don’t get prison, they just get dropped off on the other side of the border and come back over the next day.

What, you got a problem with that? Well don’t worry, we need to raise your taxes again, more brown people here now.  We need to take half your income to pay for them all. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you penniless, you just wont ever be able to get ahead. You’ll get stuck on a interest payment treadmill and slowly fall into exhaustion. Because we need the blacks – now 14% of the population. They’ve been breeding, not much for em to do. And now another 15% are hispanics and illegal invaders. Well, they breed a lot also. White women? They are bitchy not so much. they have so many abortions they get psychotic and try to adopt the children from the whole world. Their tiny brains cannot differentiate between low IQ violent mongrels with africanized DNA from the white men they treat like shit.

F-K it. The country is doomed its just a matter of how bad how quick.

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The Whole World is your Garbage Can if you are African