Who is going to take care of the aging European populations? Not the immigrants. They are a net DRAIN on society and GDP. The immigrants do not get jobs and get to work, they simply get welfare and free money.  So the fundamental argument of bringing in immigrants to supplement the workforce is a flat lie.

It is the Kalergi plan – brownify the population to increase violence, aggression and lower IQ of the people. This will make it easier to bring in control and communism.

The Africans will always breed and have as many children as long as they have food and water. So there will always be a huge excess of them living in poverty. What we need to do is STOP all aid to Africa, stop humanitarian aid for droughts, for refugees, and only provide aid for groups that are facing genocide – like the zahidi christians in Syria. Oddly enough, the US has brought in NO Zahidi christians under the refugee programs, ONLY MUSLIMS. What’s up with that.

A Christian publication, The Christian Post, noted recently that the number of Middle Eastern Christians accepted in the U.S. was very low.

Kathryn Freeman directs public policy for the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission. She said that few “persecuted Christians” from the Middle East had been admitted in the past six months. She said, “I think it is also important to note that we feel the national slowdown in refugee resettlement is affecting refugees of all faiths.”

We have the data. It’s all a lie. Wake up.