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People are shocked at Serena Williams breakdown as she lost a tennis match and screamed at the judges and broke her racket. The ISADA drug monitors were particularly tough this year so she couldn’t hide in her closet.

“I explained that I wasnt getting coaching… for you to attack my character is wrong you owe me an apology YouYou you you are the liar  ” screamed Serena to the Referee. “Because I’m a woman you’re going to take this away from me!” she screamed.

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Whats really ridiculous is how many times she has won and yet she goes hysterical about how unfair it is when she obviously broke the roles. SHE GOT UPPITY! err He. “Its not fair it’s not fair”

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That’s a girl right?

Hmmm. That is the question. Is she a woman?


But many sites are coming to light that question her pregnancy? Is she a transsexual? Were they groomed as two MALE children put into Female tennis to earn tens even hundreds of millions of dollars illegally?

Serena and Venus The Early Days

You be the judge. boys or girls?

Australian cartoonist Mark Knight’s Twitter account disappears amid Serena Williams 'racism' storm


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Man Hands are a big giveaway
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short index fingers – sign of manhood – disguised by longer first fake fingernail
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Ah finally, a rare picture without fake nails. and lo and behold – SHORT INDEX FINGER!

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Serena Williams

Fake Pregnancy? Youtubers chime in: