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Fear of Flying, the Erica Jong Sex Romp features the “Zipperless Fuck” the womans fantasy of a fuck so clean and detached from the world with no future repercussions.

Today we have a new fear, fear of the kavanaugh nomination being skuttled by Fearful Flyer Christine Blasey Ford.

Now the chic goes by the name “Christine Blasey” she wont take her husband’s name.  So she is a Feminista de facto.

It’s ironic that she has a PhD in psychology. Because one wonders if this is a case of an implanted memory by a feminsta psychologist.  We know that the assault first came up in couples counseling, which means her marriage isn’t going that great. But did she have prior counseling where this rape attack was IMPLANTED as a false Memory?

Apparently Ford is so nutters she insisted on having TWO FRONT DOORS installed in her house so she could escape from any room.

“He has two daughters, we’re watching the Rape and it’s of Kavanaugh!” – Owen Benjamin

fords last supper.png
Ford’s last Supper ??? Michael Brownstein on her right who also represents McCabe followed by unknown hippo, Scary Lesbionista Fashista Lawyer Debra Katz a HoloHoax Survivor Social Justice Warriah on her left

Or is it just a case of mistaken identity.  Or did a drunken Kavanaugh just trip and fall on top of her, accidentally touch a boobie trying to get up, and for that we will deprive him his supreme court judgeship?

Remember this is NOT rape. This is someone touched her somehow. And we don’t know how. What or where. Was there digital entry like the TSA does to women every day?

“Speaking your truth is nothing short of heroic” opined sorta black Corey Booker. “You Spoke Truth, as my colleague Flake Spoke Truth” intoned Booker in a placido tone.

You Spoke Truth.  Frighting new age libtard speak.

Chrissy is heard to say “WHAT-EVAH!” a lot

Kamala the other almost black senator Harris opines “Mrs. Ford you are not on trial here”

Wait a second. Hell yes she is!  Is she testifying under oath? I guess not! don’t want to get nailed for PERJURY!

Ford comes across as wimpy, scattered and nervous. She barely speaks and seems to shake not out of fear but out of lifelong neurosis. I wouldn’t trust this woman not now not ever.


Ford said she remembers encountering Mark Judge once following the assault during a trip to the Potomac Safeway, and that he appeared extremely uncomfortable, despite the two of them being friendly before the assault. Asked by Durbin about whether she could be mistaken about Kavanaugh’s identity, she said she is “100% certain” that it was Kavanaugh who had assaulted her.

What it it WAS Mark Judge that did the assault? That makes more sense. How much did she have to drink that night  Was she trying to pin it on Kavanaugh because the thought of her CLOSE FRIEND doing it was unthinkable.  Is it a altered re-written memory?  Seems like it.

And what about these rat bastards at MSNBC already saying GUILTY

Here’s what I think. I think Kavanaugh might have been there. But it was all a practical joke. It was a PRETEND rape, a prank, which is why they were laughing so hard. Which is why Mark was jumping onto the bed full force laughing each time. This doesn’t sound like a real attack at all!  And the neurotic skitzo Chrissy Ford ran out in hysterics rather than laugh. Because she was only 15. And although she probably was already a proper THOT many times over, she was too stupid to realize what was going on. You don’t laugh your head off while raping someone. Sorry.  That’s my best guess and I’m stickin to it.