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Rejecting the “genocide by substitution”

Anti-racism serves as a screen for anti-white racism and anti-Jewish racism, just as socialism—theoretically egalitarian—serves as a screen for the sharp income and status inequalities in such places as Venezuela, North Korea, and the old Soviet Union. Anti-racism also denies the reality of the great replacement.

Anti-racism has made the denial of the genocide by substitution into state policy, reflecting the complicity of the French political class with the African and Arab-Muslim occupation. It is worth remembering that anti-racism is only one part of the cosmopolitanism that has inspired French legislation for several decades, and that has also brought radical feminism, unconditional abortion rights, a lax judiciary, and LGBT propaganda. Nevertheless, the number one enemy of France and the West—in the long run—remains Islam.

Islam was invading Europe and threatening to destroy Christianity even when Europe was not cosmopolitan, and the threat of Islam cannot be met only in economic terms. Stopping welfare payments for migrants will not be enough to induce re-emigration. It will not soften the Muslim will to power. Re-emigration requires a forceful response to African and Arab-Muslim occupation. On this issue, there should naturally be an alliance between France and Israel; they have common challenges of terrorism and submersion by migration. Such an alliance is also an affront to the global superclass that barely conceals its anti-Zionism.

Not long ago, in an attempt to arouse pity for the occupiers from Africa or the Middle East, President Macron compared them to deported Jews. There is no doubt that the ban on questioning the Holocaust helped establish the legal framework of anti-racism. The decision to forbid Holocaust denial—and the anti-Jewish sentiment that underlies denial—led to the anti-racist legislation that makes it impossible to speak truthfully about mass demographic change. The French may neither deny the reality of genocide by gas chamber nor recognize the reality of genocide by substitution.

Whether their enemies are Nazis or Muslims, Jews are always on the front line. One must appreciate the irony: The sanctification of the Holocaust, the legal prohibition against doubting the crimes committed by Nazis against Jews, is part of a legal arsenal that prevents resistance to the crimes committed by Muslims against Jews—and against us all.