I see ads like this ALL the time. Celebration of the deformed Negro. Its pushed in our FACES like a turd SMELL IT SMELL IT!

It’s endless, our movies, our advertising, and dopey 15 year old girls banging negro boys because they are told it’s normal.

Yes, the times are a changing, and we should be Horrified. How can they possibly make advertising like this and not think we Americans would be horrified by it? We are horrified by almost all Advertising, and All Comic books, TV Series (DR Who now DESTROYED for 2 seasons), and Movies. Endless destruction to convince us that WHITE GENOCIDE is the new normal.

Note: intentionally skipped the use of Doetzen Kroes Coalburning Victorias secret model for this picture. BLECH. She’s ruined now, along with Heidi Klum and countless other mudsharkers.

times are changing.png