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Oh the dollars keep pouring in for poor Chrissy Ford, the sex gang rape fantasy chick who almost stopped a supreme court nomination of Kavanaugh.

They put her up in  a posh Delaware beach house while claiming she was in California and too scared to fly.

Remember all her legal fees, her polygraph, all paid for by the Democrats!

And now her go-fundme account is pushing $600,000.00 bucks! Not bad for a fake rape fantasy. Ah implanted memories, it’s not tough to get a woman in therapy to believe she was raped, their rape fantasy of the “ungettable guy” – Kavanaugh – is just too perfect.

Wait there’s more – don’t forget the $200,000 bucks for “security” – another gofundme, and there will no doubt be the eventual book “I was Groped By a Supreme”