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Evil Crayon Thief Kavanaugh Must Stand to Account

Jamie Helmswith Chadwick attended the exclusive D.C. kindergarten “Mother Mansleys Child Hibiscus” along with Brett Kavanaugh. And now new shocking news of ANOTHER RAPE has come forward.

“It all started and we were drawing some moose” said Jamie.

“You were drawing moose or deer?”

“I can’t remember! Some horny animal. Well we were using crayola and I reached for the periwinkle blue at the same time Brett did, well our hands touched and for a second our eyes met. I swooned in love but he rejected me, grabbed the periwinkle out of my hand and pushed me away. At the end of class everyone voted Brett’s Periwinkle Blue Moose the best. I cried all the way home”

“Yes, he assaulted you didn’t he!”

“Yes, and years later I fantasized about being raped over and over until finally in psychotherapy I had a rape memory implanted. And the face of the rapist – It was Brett”

“You say you can positively identify him, you are sure it was Brett!”

“Yes, and to this day, everytime I see something that is periwinkle blue I burst out crying remembering the implanted rape memory”

“Things got so bad” said her Husband Farthington, “That we had to pre-buy all the crayola 64 sets for the schools and remove the periwinkle”

“What about Sky Blue? Does that effect you?” we asked.

“Yes, sometimes! And even Ultramarine which isn’t really blue at all! He has ruined my life (sob sob sob)”

“Do you ever have the urge to remodel your house with TWO Front Doors?”

“No no, just the crayons”

Looking around the house we noticed that NOTHING was blue. She has been blue deprived for the rest of her life.

We MUST SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER! We will stop this ANIMAL! He will NEVER sit on the supreme court!