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In Trump’s speech today on the new Canada-Mehico-America trade deal – USMCA – he said we had lost 25% of our automobile manufacturing jobs.  So the new deal fixes this?

NOPE! The Big Auto can’t handle losing their precious mehicano car factories, so they have a waiver in the deal. They get to keep making the Ford El Rancho and other cars in Mehico for pennies and sell them to Americans for big bucks.

Is it better? Maybe a little. Let’s wait and see if they knocked down Canada’s milk tarrifs on American milk.

The problem with any free-trade trade deal, is everything gets done by third world labor in Mehico. So it’s impossible to win.

No, sadly, it’s more smoke and mirrors. Call it NAFTA-2. I thought Trump didn’t want these big multi-national trade deals? Wasn’t that what he promised – a trade deal country to country? Oh well. whatayagonnado.