Apparently it’s ok for him to assault women because he’s a gay dick up the butt hairstylest whose got about as much testosterone in his body as an Egyptian Eunuch.  When you see these soy boy “men” can you call them men? They just look like horrific damaged people. What the hell is wrong with them? It’s ok to assault women because he hates women and will never fuck one.  This is horrific.

How swishy do American men have to get before we start to wonder… WHat the hell is deforming our male children? Estrogen in the drinking water? Soy in the McDonalds? What is it?


Notice the LUCIFER symbol proudly displayed. These people are always anti-god and anti-christ.  Notice the fagged out hair dye job, which matches the blue and red and purple haired female land whales. Is it a brian parasite? What has happened? We demand a full autopsy.