Why are the women going butt shit crazy over Kavanaugh? Well the new Gynocracy has finally reached supreme powers – free jobs with no need to produce like men, same pay for almost no work, abiltity to REE and charge men with rape, take men down and destroy their lives without any evidence, and of course free money from endless divorce rapes of men.

In short, women have become for the most part frightening creatures in the USA.

And they got a HUGE pussy pass this weekend as they were allowed to bang on the supreme court doors and scream from the senate balconies.  Let’s see a man try that and see how long they last.

At stake? The ability to be total whores for most of their lives.  This is why abortion is such a huge issue for them.  Constantly monkey branching to new men, seeking bad boys, and treating hard working career men like shit only reaching back when their vaginas stink with the flies of a million fucks.

Well, their ability to act like whores must NOT BE IMPINGED it’s in the second amendment isn’t it? Oh it’s NOT?  Oh and Roe v. Wade was mostly based on lies? No wonder they are worried.

We are a long way from overturning the gynocracy. In the meantime men, just go your own way.