Image result for The Federal Reserve CartelTrump is right, the fed is way out of control and has pushed interest rates up way too fast. Granted there was a bit of hysterical hiccups as our 5 year T-Notes were paying MORE than our 10-Year, can’t let that happen. So the interest rate helps float our 1.5 Trill a year debt. Would anyone buy it without it? Probably not.

BUT, interest rates are not supposed to be based on debt sales. They are supposed to manage job growth vs. inflation. And on those terms, they shouldn’t be going up.

We have reached PEAK DEBT. The world’s financial markets simply are NOT BIG ENOUGH to absorb 25 Trillion in debt. There just aren’t any buyers that big, so the FED secretly buys it.. indirectly… ITSELF! Yes, it’s a banana republic money printing press but made increadibly complex so no one can say that.

The truth is, it’s time for Trump to CUT military spending, bring the troops home, and cut entitlements. A good first step would be NO MONEY for disabled children AND no additional welfare or disability money for having endless moneybucks kids. It’s gotten so sick that this is now DEFACTO strategy for inner city black 15 year olds. Get them three babies out so you can get the free housing and lotsa crack monies and a nice couch to sit the rest of your life on.

Image result for The Federal Reserve Cartel

We need to cut cut cut. But we wanted the economy to roar back FIRST. and the FED has made that impossible. So shame on them. What now? Hard to tell. Most likely a really bad market crash and recession in 2019.  And since we are already at great depression levels of REAL UNEMPLOYMENT we are moving into depression^3 (cubed).  Ender game. Serious sick stuff.  But the welfare moms will keep getting their dollahs as the least productive and dumbest of us keep having more chillin. It’s a dysgenic race to the bottom and Europanic Americans are paying the highest price – no money to make families and have children, not that they could anyways with the ASS RAPE THE MEN IN DIVORCE COURT WITH NO EVIDENCE crapstorm thats happening now in the new Gynocracy.

Everything is sick and depressing. Trump needs to fire his pick for FED chair.