it took lots of bribing, pizza, and Ambien, but we finally stole (chough chough) err we mean got our hands on the transcripts from Blasie’s psychotherapy session between her and her analyst “schrodinger”. Read and Enjoy! And support PatriotMouse!

“Schrodinger”: Have you ever fantasized about being raped?

Blasie: Sometimes, but, I mean I keep feeling like I must have been raped so that I’m a victim, but somehow, I go to remember and its a gray spot, things just blurr

“Schrodinger”: Don’t worry. Let’s try a new hypnosis technique. I read your paper on implanted memories. why don’t we try?

Blasie: Sure, why not!

“Schrodinger”: You are getting sleepy, deeper. Deeper. Go deep. Like when you rode your rapists cooooock and shoved it down your throat. Fill up on that long endless coooock. You love cooooock <her voice intones slowly over and over until Blasie repeats it mindlessly as her brain enters a twilight zone>

Blasie: Yes, coooock

“Schrodinger”:  Choke the chicken. Choke the chicken. It’s exploding.

Blasie: Yes choking, can’t breathe.   Wait, I can hear music, the BEE GEES ?

“Schrodinger”: Oh sorry, I just turned that on.  It’s just the radio, I wanted to get the Chinese ping pong tournament final score. You don’t mind do you? It’s playing down stairs.

Blasie: Ping Pong. Down the stairs…

“Schrodinger”: And who is the face on your rapist. The one man. Mr. unavailable. The guy who smit you. Who wouldn’t give you the time of day. Can you see his face

Blasie: Yes, his face. There was one man whose cock I didn’t get to ride. He just drank beers and studied and BUFFED. IT was KAVANAUGH!

“Schrodinger”: Yes, Yes, that race remember that face

Blasie: I do remember it!

“Schrodinger”: And what is he doing

Blasie: He’s laughing, he’s laughing at me. He says I’m plain and ugly. and … his friend is there also jumping around and laughing. He knocks me off the bed and I run and hide.

“Schrodinger”: Yes you hide. You are frightened. You can’t escape because the house, it only has ONE front door. ONLY ONE BLASIE! WHAT WILL YOU DO!

Blasie: I have to WAIT. Then I will run, make a run for it.

“Schrodinger”: But you are in a house, far away, how will you get home?

Blasie: I will fly, Yes fly like I’m on an airplane

“Schrodinger”:  Yes with all that fear… fly… fly with fear…. Now I am going to count to three and when you wake up this will be a clear and solid memory. Even if they ask you to swear on a stack of bibles or take a lie detector test, you know it is true.

<six months later>

“Schrodinger”: (on the phone) So you haven’t come to see me in several months is everything ok

Blasie: Oh sorry, for some reason I seem to be afraid to fly.  I’ve been busy remodeling the house with two front doors… for some reason I think I need that to feel safe. (giggles are heard from the other end of the phone).