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So our current immigration plan is to make Europanic Americans a minority in the country they built by 2050. The reality is it’s much faster than even that due to undercounting illegal immigration by at least 20 million.

So what does that mean exactly? Does it mean we are RACIST? No, racism implies an error you are never a racist for discussing facts.

So let’s consider money to fund the welfare state. We already cannot do it. We already plunge over ONE TRILLION dollars in debt every year to support the welfare state. This means that peoples savings are depreciating by 50% every decade due to inflation caused by this. That’s horrific. But that is just the current state, what happens when welfare use DOUBLES. What happens when we must issue FIVE TRILLION dollars a year in debt to pay for our minorities who chose not to work in huge numbers. Hmmm.  Can you envision a nuclear blast? That pure sheen of green glass at point zero after the explosion? That’s all that’s left of our nation ON CURRENT COURSE.

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Our new Future Awaits… the society that Non-Europanics Build


So we must stop LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration. COMPLETELY.  Migration ONLY for marriage of SPOUSES. That’s it. That’s the only reason you should be allowed in. No refugees, no illegals, no nada.

But how to stop illegal immigration? Well that’s a stroke of a pen. Issue a $10,000 award to any ice member who finds an illegal alien, and make the crime punishable by five years hard labor in a federal prison. Then deport them by boat to the point in their country FARTHEST from America, no dropping them on the other side of the border line so they tiptoe back in the next day.

At some point, it will have to be a capital offense. If you’ve had our immigration policy explained to you TWICE and you still persist, its the chair. Some people don’t fear jail, its three square meals and health care, that will always be BETTER than where a lot come from.

Of course let’s not forget the rise of the CUCKS and the Gynocracy who have beset RUTHLESS PSYCHOTIC divorce court judges on every male dumb enough to get married, utterly raping him of assets and breaking him into an empty mindless husk. Just part of the control grid. And you thought taxes taking 50% was rough. In the end they take it all.

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Sewage treatment is a bit too advanced for America 2050, open pits is about all our new low IQ nation will be able to manage


But what does it mean to lose our country to degenerate races? Well financial turmoil for one. They wont have the dollars to buy houses, new cars.  Well not after welfare is cut because we won’t be able to afford that. And our own white citizens WHO SHOULD HAVE a welfare safety blanket, well they will get deprived. Too many of the mongrel races soaking up the resources. And since they REQUIRE spanish speakers for all the employees at the welfare offices, don’t expect to get treated well or to get any aid at all in your time of need.

Whites are basically told to starve to death. All the money has gone to blacks and hispanics and other mongrel nations.

And what about the massive Trillion Dollar WARFARE state that America maintains? Forget about it! That goes also. Which means all those crazies in the middle east will keep fighting and bombing and going nuts and we won’t be there.  In a way that’s a good thing, but sadly there won’t be money for REAL DEFENSE either.  Chinese might just come in with their long beach port and just take over california. Again, that might not be a bad thing, they’d probably run it better than the Dimms.

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Garbage Collection Liberai Style is very convenient, every place along the road is a free garbage pit!

But the real issue, its theft of our birthright. Doesn’t the constitution declare that we must protect and defend. .. for ourselves and our POSTERITY. Not for ape savages and indian blooded squat people from central and south america. OUR POSTERITY.  WE built this nation, expunged the savages, chopped down the trees, built the mills the roads the power stations. We built it for OUR children, not the fecund low iq violent savage population of the world.

But this is exactly what our CURRENT IMMIGRATION strategy promises. Mass starvation, poverty, and death of our Europanic people.  That is a fact that cannot be argued with. Every administration kicks the can or is hampered by the DIMMS from passing reform. If that truly is the case, burn it all down and start over on an island. With the few smart people who wont make this mistake ever again.  What else can we hope to do? Sure Kanye West talks a good game, hoofing $450 dollar sneakers to his brethren, one can certainly make a lot as a caterwauler.  But isn’t that exactly the problem? Who’s paying for the opera tickets, the symphony, the country estates and pony farms. Nope can’t afford that, that’s stuff when America was a white christian nation, it’s savage town now, mad max. Form a gang with lotsa reel fed machine guns cause that’s the only way to stop the zombies at the wall who want your stuff. Welcome to 2050, thank god I won’t live that long.

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Ahh the beautiful Capital Monrovia will show us what America will become in just a few decades.  Sure there will be a few pockets of civilization, but not for the masses.


What about the blacks already here? We should have free shuttles to Liberia leaving daily.  Large 5,000 person cruise ships. They get two weeks of luxury then a rich land ready to be rebuilt. An african nation. Well there are many many african nations on this earth. The question is, do we have the strength to preserve a single Europanic Nation? Odds don’t look good.  Can we muster the will in the next ten years? It’s doubtful. Maybe we can take over the island of Madigascar. It’s temperate, easily defended, and currently full of Indians and Marakeshi who would do well on the big continent.  Surely our last gasp would be to take a new homeland.  Bring a few nukes with us in case they cause trouble with relocating… neutrino types that clear out in sixty days. A new future awaits us, but it isn’t the USofA. That was handed over to the savage new peoples. It happened slowly like a frog on the boil. And no one said nothin.