4% growth a year is equal to the amount they understate inflation and about 1/5th the amount they understate unemployment.  So in reality, a 4% GDP number is not good as Trump tells us, it means we are nearing break even, and an actual GOOD STRONG economy would be 8% GDP growth in the false numbers. MINIMUM.

But the FED is breathing their own lies so they claim that a tepid non growing economy with 90 million Americans out of work Is ovERHEATEd. IT’s DANGEROUS. WOooooo.

According to a note released by Goldman late last week, the Fed is nowhere near done yet – either based on its dot plot or certainly more dovish market expectations – and “needs to generate a significant tightening in financial conditions to slow the economy to its potential growth pace sooner rather than later.” The bad news – for stock bulls – is that “this will require delivering significantly more hikes than priced in the curve.

Are you scared yet. I am.