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I listen to my Tucker Carlson, my Hannity and even Laura sometimes. But turn on Fox news in the mornings or afternoons and you will be in for a shock. It sounds like CNN. Today they had a long tirade how Trump was wrong because he didn’t call Obama over the pipe bombings (the fake bombs) and they kept saying how Trump was a liar because leftist “Fact Checking” said so.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t take my source of truth from an old cat lady and a dude who left his wife for a dominatrix.

OMG the screeching of the woman. It was horrendous. And she had that terrible tonation where it goes way up high and then low like a valley girl.  This in general is a sign of deep psychosis as they are trying to hyper-inflect their language with emotion.

And one can’t help but feel sorry for Hannity covering the Clinton crimes DAILY for two years now with nothing happening. Nope, she gets off scott free.

Which is one of the problems of going to a Trump Rally. At Dallas I started screaming LOCK HER UP LOCK HER UP and then realized… he hadn’t.  BUILD THE WALL BUILD THE WALL, and again, he hadn’t.

Don’t even try to go ask where are the protections for American software engineers from their 95% unemployment due to importing 5 million Indians with fake degrees who work for pennies on the dollar using the H-1B visa. Another Trump promise forgotten.

Trump talks about his tax cuts. Another fraud. His raised standard deduction just offsets the ability to deduct mortgage interest. It’s a wash. Upper middle class actually got an increased tax burden. It was a sham job, needed to give a tax cut to the corporations.

“Oh were gonna build it” “Oh were gonna lock her up”

Except he hasn’t. So are we really surprised even Fox News is flinching? Even Ann Coulter has turned.

And he isn’t powerless. He can move 30,000 troops from south korea and europe and put them on our border. Just let them be scouts managing every last mile with precision. We can still let border patrol or a few good drones do the catching.

He can certainly issue a temporary injunction on the H-1B visa, 3 GAO studies found rampant fraud.

He can also require a valid SSN from a parent in order to grant a SSN to a birthed child. No more anchor babies.

Will they challenge him in court? Of course but we have kavie now!

So … really… he’s been eating too much champagne and lobster. He’s been converted. It’s sad really to watch the rallies. I don’t know who is sader, Trump or his loyal fans.

The Fox commentator heckles Trumps handling of the shooting.  which one? Does it matter? He didn’t “bring us together” she sneers.  Wait, I heard his statement, he did really good? Sneer. Snide. OMyGOd! the Valley girl cretin screeches.  I just feel sad.