When we were a northern Ice Age people, we formed tribes to survive. It was the most efficient system. Groups of men would protect from agressing tribes from outside and groups of women could care for the children.  But most importantly, if someone got sick, needed food, the tribe would help them. They were all KIN. The concept of KIN is very important.

The modern government has replaced our tribe. And our tribe they tell us is 350 million people large, all our KIN.  But many are Africans, Middle Eastern, Asian, AmerInd. They don’t look like our KIN.

Don’t worry says big government, they are. And we will take 35% of your paycheck to take care of them, and another 15% for social security. That way when we compare our tax rates to France, France will seem much worse. But we’ll also print 1.5 Trillion dollars a year out of thin air and produce a 10% inflation rate. But we will call it a 2% inflation rate. That way our paltry -5% growth a year we can call a 3.5% success year. Confused? Don’t worry it gets worse.

We will then take your retirement funds and give billions of dollars every year to pay for blacks and browns who are “disabled” and can’t work.  Having a typical black IQ of 85 qualifies as disabled. So they get free eats and shelter for life. Now don’t worry not all blacks will jump on this bandwagon. Just over 50% of them will.

And More billions will go to USAID which will be used to fund caravans of invaders from central america and feed them as they travel to our border.  They are our “KIN” as well.

These high taxes and inflation will make it nearly impossible for you to get ahead and feel secure enough to have children. Don’t worry, the black and brown people use “R” reproductive strategy – that means they just have chillin after chillin without regard for their ability to pay. Government will pay. Meaning YOU pay. BEcause they are your KIN.

So as your race slowly dies off and the government looks at the Europanic birth rates of 1.5 meaning we will all be dead in about 100 years, they go NO PROBLEM, cause we have lots of brown and black chilliin you’ve been paying for, and lotsa new immigrants who want to work in exchange for free education, healthcare, housing, welfare checks, earned income tax credits, fake babysitting programs, it all adds up to much more than you make in a year. So even with taking half your paycheck we have to print trillions in funny money to make sure we can raise enough low IQ black and brown people.

See the difference is just skin deep. They are more likely to be unethical lying aggressive attacking raping criminals than europanics. That’s just being ALT-RIGHT which is a hate crime. So don’t worry we will arrest those people who say that.  Heck the ADL calls all patriots ALT-RIGHT.

Don’t worry the country will be just the same when it’s majority Negroid. Just look at all the successful populations who did that same thing – Egypt, Crete, Greece, err.. well maybe don’t look too close (read March of the Titans, and excellent historical account of this very fact).

Also all the laws and justice that we had under Europanics, our MORALITY, that too will be the same as negroids take over. You can be sure of it. Just look at Zimbabwe and South Africa.

So let’s get back to the task at hand. ARE THEY OUR KIN. No. No they most certainly are not. Are they Americans? They certainly should NOT BE. Can America be saved.  Probably not. Hundreds of Millions will most likely die.  Our leaders have pushed the Genocide of our Race. Should we feel disgusted then when we are taxed and the monies go to raise huge armies of non-Europanic peoples in our land on our soil on the nation we built? Hell yes. You should feel outraged.