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Why Isn’t It OK To Hate Jewish People? Did they Not Push Massive Immigration (aka Genocide) on Us? Did They Not Starve Millions of Germans With the Treaty of Versaille, Did they not Murder 60 Million Christians in the Ukraine? Did they Not Murder Millions of Christian Albanians? So Why Do they get a pass?

Oh you’re a anti-semite.  Maybe not. Maybe it’s a logical look at their record.

Really the jewish record is atrocious. Meaning filled with atrocities. While the “holocost” a nonsense word really.  Were jews BURNT in FIRES in WWII? Not so much. Most were treated very well. If Americans hadn’t bombed all the supply lines fewer would have died. But Americans bombed Dresden as well.

Was Hitler logical in his hatred of Jews? The Jews and Bankers had ripped Germany apart after WWI and put foreign troops on German soil, forbade an army, and issued reparations which reduced his people to starvation and death. I’d be a little pissed about that.

Of course the Ukrainians had it the worst. The Jews invaded Russia and took over and immediately set about starving and killing all Christians. over 60 million CONFIRMED dead vs. the 1 million confirmed dead Jews from WWII. I think 60 million is the winning number.

Of course the Albanian Genocide was just the death of six million Christians at the hands of the Jews. That’s still more than three times as many jews who died during WWII.

What about the million Palestinians killed to form and take the land for Israel? Just a blip on the map of horrors.

What about the Rothschild banker enslavement system which has ruled over Europe and the USA for centuries? Isn’t that a reason to be quite miffed?

Even if you say only the leadership are evil, do we see statements from Synogogues denouncing their open border pushes, their seizing illegal palestinian land? or their past transgressions like the 60 million Ukranians who died in the HOLODOMOR. Nope. You don’t see it. No apologies for NOTHIN!

Oh it’s not all jews, just the leadership, the elders, and every last one in power who pushes the communism and the anti-christianity and the destroy the host nation with endless immigration. Subvert and control the media. Oh that’s a hoax, Rupert Murdock isn’t jewish. is he? He’s the only one though. Just about everyone in Hollywood who runs the Movie studios, the Newspapers, the Cable Networks, it’s all jewish. Should we worry? Of course not, jews are good family people.  Except when they starve 60 million to death.

US Jewish groups visit ‘heartbreaking’ border detention centers | The …

Oh the heartbreak. But NOT for Israel. Oh no, there’s it perfectly OK to expulse Africans. And forbid inter-marriage.  And have large walls.

Jews act like a parasitic race, infecting hosts and destroying the hosts nations which show them generosity and kindness. It’s no wonder they are hated. By constantly pushing for Communism, Open Borders, Massive Immigration they have a specific goal of the genocide and over-running the native peoples.  This should not be easily forgiven or cast aside.  They seem to be a psychotic peoples, driven mad after their loss to the Philistines and the loss of Israel. They have their land back after massacring millions of Palestinians.  So they can stop acting psychotic. But instead, it has just gone deeper and darker manifesting uber-victimhood for all of them.  and if you stand AGAINST the horror they stand for, well then you are an anti-semitic.  To hell with that.  If they are FOR the destruction of our lands and people then they are ANTI-NATIONISTS and they must be removed.