Sorry, but I don’t really like Ted Cruz. I do like Trump. But remember Cruz refused to endorse Trump. Cruz was a major dick. So while on the issues he is better, what a slimey toadie little wiener of a candidate. It was enough for me to sit home.  and that leaves the door open for BETO. BETO the 100 Million dollar dream child. What’s his real name? Do I know? Do I care?

Yah for sure BETO will be horrible for Texas. But Ted Cruz is an old style republican. Hardly a nationalist. At least he is for gun rights and against runaway immigration.

If BETO wins, it’s going to be party party in Texas especially will the millions of new illegal shooting their six shooters into the air and wearing their big sombreros.

Well serves them right. The assholes need to go. All of them. Right and left.

BETO didn’t even stand for anything. It was just “ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME” like a college frat boy you got stoned with.

Yah well…  we will see. Hold onto that Senate Republicans, but if Beto wins, let him be a lesson to you.