There were some key campaign promises.

LOCK HER UP (clinton)

That didn’t happen. Even trying to release the FISA application, well Rod Rosenstein couldn’t have that. By NOT LOCKING HER UP, and the rest of the gruesome troop at the FBI and DOJ, Trump deflated his base.



“I’m building it” said Trump. Uhm no, you’re not. He should have ordered the Army corps of engineers to get started on DAY ONE and used military funds as a stopgap.



OK, not a slogan, but that’s basically what’s going on.  He can’t get new legislation through but he can still push executive orders to end the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment (birthright citizenship) and block issuing passports to those without citizen parents.  He did nothing.

Instead, Paul Ryan frittered precious days away boosting on health care. And now he’s retired with a bag of gold.

The New Power Brokers in DC …


Trump surrounded himself with generals and insiders, the corrupt and the stupid, NOT the patriot base. Well maybe Bannon. But he didn’t last.

Ya BLEW IT TRUMP. And that majority house-senate-executive  SHALL NEvER COME AGAIN.

Now demographics are destiny. See Ted Cruz narrowly win by 1%.  There won’t be that 1% in six years.  Not with the invasion well under way.


Oh what sad days.  But trump STILL can issue executive orders. How many tmes will the House file impeachment proceedings against him and talk endlessly about Russian Collusion, when the real Russian Collusion goes free (shrillary)

By NOT LOCKING UP HILLARY and BY NOT SHOWING THEIR CORRUPTION, he let them preech the high road narrative.  What a mistake.

But wait. Is it true. HAS IT finally HAPPENED! SESSIONS HAS RESIGNED!

YES YES YES   Thank’s Mother to Murgitide!


Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein