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Update: After being banned from the white house press briefings, A federal judge – Kelly – has reversed that decision saying Acosta has a first amendment right to be there.

Wait, can’t EVERY REPORTER in AMERICA use that decision?

Interestingly enough, Alex Jones Infowars was granted a white house press badge, I believe for Jerome Corsi. Well a month later it was revoked. So Corsi should then sue to be reinstated as well based on that same judicial precedent!

And then I can guarantee, Corsi who is a friend of Trump’s, will be called far more often than Acosta!



Well the new normal is taking shape and the Accosta assault on a white house intern is just more of this.

What Trump doesn’t realize is he needs the counter attack to be SWIFT and DEADLY. No not accosta, we mean HILLARY.

Indite Hillary for russian collusian, for stealing money from haiti, for stealing 145 million in a kickback for giving our Uranium over to the Russians. Speaking of which, why hasn’t he stopped that deal ?

Indite Rosenstein for signing the FISA warrent. And Comey. and McCabe. The whole rotten claptrap.

Indite Hillary again for producing the phony dossier with russian help. Indite Hillary again for the murder of Seth Rich. Indite Indite Indite.

Why do I worry it will never happen. THe lame duck will get lamer and lamer. Where’s the tiger we elected? Off eating hamburgers and caviar me worries.

He needs to get these done and he’s got 30 days, followed up with 30 days to start their trials. Once started, the Dimms won’t be able to start it.

Maybe Whitaker, the new acting attorney general, has some gumption to just do it. See once the wolves pack the house, no body is doing nothing. It’s going to be just a pulpit for endless attacks on Trump and his policies. And it’s going to go on and on and on for two years. Maybe madonna can break a champagne bottle as she talks about bombing the white house. Why wasn’t she arrested?

No the left’s big lie of Russian collusion must be recognized as the truth – yet it was Hillary who colluded not Trump. Hmmm. Bizarro world indeed.

Well at least Bader Ginsberg is limping maybe theres a chance to push one more justice in there before birthright citizenship gets tested.  No, 800 million squat people need to poop out babies on our shores and get free welfare, thats the RULE MAN. That’s the game plan! the Kalergi plan to destroy nations, a jewish formulation. An intimidation. An exacerbation. And its all designed for the genocide of the white race.

Can Trump stop it? Not if he keeps gobblin hamburgers with caviar.  Sadly they have softened him up. Go off and give another rally speech you rutabegga, you aren’t doing anything in Washington.

And what about the software engineers who have lost 98% of their jobs to Indians with fake degrees who use the H-1B visa. All perfectly legal under Trump. Sessions once blew a gasket over it, but he slept away two years without doing anything!

Well there must be another suitable nation to pack up and go to. What? They all suck? Hmmm. Life will find a way – Goldblum in Jurrassic park. Well seriously if they won’t get to  saving our nation, let’s just pick a spot and take it over and try again. I mean why not? At least we’d have 200 more years until the commies took over there as well.

Sadly it’s the women folk – the WIMMINZ – who have gotten us into this situation. Without making babies they think somehow that the whole world is their baby and they must raise them. It’s a abortion led insanity. Babyism. And we have to stop it.

Nope, it’s lobster dinners at the golf course for Trump. No need to push. the steak is still good. Preen and go to another ego fluffing Rally Mr. Trump, your country doesn’t need you.