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Their whole lives they were desired by seemingly every male they passe. But as the years and tummy rolls marched on, Men started to become scarce. “I wondered if my choice to put career ahead of children was the right one” said Mary Martins, a psychologist.

Men have been steering clear of women now that the divorce courts are handing down ridiculous sentences that effectively enslave men forever financially.

But some women never get the chance to marry. So a new charity ‘Second Chance Cherubs” is finding these stray women homes and mates in the meantime while they search for their “forever” homes.

“I thought I would always get men to take care of me, but let me tell you, once you cross 40, look out, it’s a different world” said another client.

The program, supported by donations, rents men and gives the women nights out where they get soft talk and fine meals, just like they used to have in their 20s.

In a rare video we see the “second virginity” ceremony where a white cloth is waved over the vagina to restore it after thousands of chads and tyrones have had there way with it. “I’m ready for my white wedding dress now!” smiled the frumpy tartlet.

“It’s def an esteem booster” said Jennifer. “Now I feel pretty and alive again. After two divorces, I’m financially set for life, but I would really like a partner”

SCC is now branching out to European countries and England where the divorce rapes have also driven men away from marriage.

“We provide a temporary respite from a difficult situation. It’s a charity no one thinks about but these women desperately need the attention. Some have gone five, six, even ten years without any attention from men”