One black man has his arm around France’s new cuck prime minister’s grandmother. err Wife. But it doesn’t phase him. This is the new BLACK france and it’s a future he embraces.

Here a regular street scene in Paris shows it’s clearly already at least 50% negro.

Image result for france black population

This is the United Nations Kalergi plan. Flood white nations with Negros and drive down their IQ, increase the rapes and murders of the natives. That’s the more violent aggressive black genetics, designed to hunt lions and giraffe, but in a modern city sady, the giraffe’s are us.

And family creation, that’s also the black way.  Just have sex and ignore the pregnant women. The village takes care of them in Africa, the men just keep partying. In the modern world the village means welfare, paid by the working people. And it’s become too much a strain. France’s 50% tax rate is almost as high as what America puts on it’s middle class (32% federal + 15% FICA + 2% disablity + 10% state tax). It’s only 2% lower than france in strong conservative states like Texas.

But there is another goal to the Kalergi plan. Once the nation gets weak and collapses, flood it with blacks from Africa and Muslims and take over. Declare Sharia law and the rape of women no longer becomes a big deal as they are now just property – like cattle.

France, England, and the USA would then be destroyed. This is the point of the “caravan” invading the USA. It’s all the same people and all the same plan.

“ASYLUM, we built a shithole and now we demand ASYLUM”

Why don’t they fix their home countries? They can’t they have LOW IQ and LOW MORALITY.

“We demand housing it is our right. We demand healthcare it is our right”

So gradually the welfare systems get overwhelmed. It has already happened in the USA. Sweden is struggling with the huge cost of just a few Negros on the take. “when do they start getting jobs and contributing?” the people wonder. Uhm… never.