“President Trump and Governor Scott seem dead set against counting every vote. Why? Because they’re worried that if every vote is counted, Bill Nelson will be reelected as Senator from the great state of Florida.” said Chucky the murder doll Schumer.

Meanwhile Brenda Snipes has been busy with her warehouse of thugees creating fake votes as fast as their bleeding little fingers can.

“FOUR DAYS? I can’t make 100,000 fake votes in Four DAYS. these deadlines are ridiculous” cajouled an outraged elections supervisor.

So on it goes. If they do insist in counting all the fake newly created votes and overturn a 70,000 vote lead, I think I’m pretty much done with this country. It’s dead man walking at that point.

Late at night they turned the cameras on a truck entering the ballot counting headquarters. “What’s in the truck” and armed guards forced the reporters to leave. “Whose your supervisor” “No comment”

Each box contains 500 ballots and they had loaded over 200 boxes that night alone. So they are producing about

Did Brenda Snipes get a “Black Pass” – no matter how bad a job she does she can’t get fired because she’s black? I wonder.