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LA’s Skid Row is Dysgenic Genetics in Action


You cannot fix low IQ or propensity to violence and rape just by putting kids in a classroom – so says a new study which analyzed scores of national test data in the USA.

“Based on third-generation data constructed without regard to ethnic self-identity, the grandchildren of Mexican Americans improve upon their parents’ low average education. However, significant deficits remain. Compared to fourth-plus generation white Americans, third-generation Mexican Americans graduate from college less often, score lower on the AFQT, and earn less income. Though all of these differences are statistically significant, the exact magnitudes are subject to considerable uncertainty due to the small sample size in the NLSY-97. Including grandparent birth data in a larger data set such as the Current Population Survey would facilitate more detailed and precise comparisons. For now, the best available evidence on the grandchildren of Mexican immigrants suggests that low-skill immigrants have long-term impacts, as skill deficits persist at least into the third generation.” – Center for Immigration Studies, Grandchildren of Low-Skill Immigrants Have Lagging Education and Earning,  Jason Richwine November 13, 2018

Why do skill deficits persist? This doesn’t happen with poor Europanic children, they generally can raise themselves up out of poverty. The answer is genetics. Their genetics have what one might call a IQ ceiling, they might improve somewhat with better schooling by their genes simply do not produce the larger better connected brains of Europanic Americans.

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A Mexican Invader Takes his Place on Skid Row in LA


Now of course there are low IQ Europanics especially male. It is a curve. But the median of the Europanic will always be one or two deviations higher than non-Europanic non-Asian.  And Blacks will have a median even lower than the Hispanics.

What does this mean for American immigration policy? We should accept far fewer blacks, middle eastern, and Mexican/Central/SouthAmericans who have AmerInd genetics.  To do otherwise is to diminish our national IQ and productivity. This is exactly the situation the US now faces itself in.  22 million illegal alien Amerind-Mexican invaders plus another 30 million who are here quasi-legally (the Reagan amnesty did a lot of damage to our gene pool).  Blacks have flourished as well, not through hard work, but through massive baby production on welfare, they are now up to 14% of the population from what used to be historically 8 or 9%. Considering how much hispanic invasion the nation has suffered, that is truly a impressive number.

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Skid Row in Africa, except it’s the Norm


Study after study tells us the same thing. The smaller less connected brains are not simply worse at higher order calculus. No it’s much deeper. They lack concepts of morality, even love and pair bonding goes away. And they increase the negative psychosocial traits like aggression violence and propensities to rape and murder or even just litter and not take care of their surroundings.  Want to see a clean nation? Look at Norway or Japan. Spotless. Want to see a dung heap of litter and poop? Look to africa and india and central america. These vast brain differences are NOT something that can be educated away.

So why is LA turning into a tuberculosis cholera poop on the streets nightmare? Well it’s genetics. The numbers of imported and native LOWIQ – let’s call them LowScale people because they score low on all these factors – Empathy, Care of surroundings, Aggression, Morality, Pair Bonding, and IQ – these LowScale people generally are a blight on a nation. Gathered in large numbers it becomes obvious.

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LowScale People Build LowScale Environments


Another problem is that our strategies REFUSE to acknowledge these differences. IT’s all just skin color. So we shifted from high IQ productive immigration to LOWSCALE peoples who are destructive and a blight and a burden.

One of the large problems with Low Scale people is that they reproduce constantly without any regard at all for taking care of their children. Just throw them into the slum. It’s how many of them grew up what’s the difference. This is a very dangerous brain trait for a first world nation. It is utterly incompatable with K reproductive strategies which emphasize falling in love, marriage, and developing a family. Without families, kids becomes criminals and wildlings, they run wild attacking and looting until finally they get old enough for the prison system to take them in, all at huge societal cost. Wonder why we have a 1.5 Trillion dollar a year deficit in the USA? It’s the Low Scale.

Bombay India has seen better days it’s now India’s largest slum.

It’s interesting to see the “caravans” from central and south america. Why are they coming? It’s too dirty, too broken down, too dangerous where they come from.  And they lack the entrepreneurial ability to invent jobs so when there are no jobs, they simply go “no jobs”.  They utterly lack the ability to fix or invent solutions, so they run away and create devastation wherever they end up.

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Low IQ People Produce Low IQ Slums Wherever They Are On the Globe

So these test results are more telling than just they need more and more investment in education, bi-lingual education, etc. No, precisely the opposite. They should get pushed OUT of schools and taught to work with their hands. Teach them to make bricks and build simple things. Stop trying to make engineers and college grads from low IQ gened people.  Instead, we’ve created colleges FOR low IQ people. Madness.

The trash everywhere the stink of open feces. That is what awaits America with our current Dysgenic population policies. We need ACTIVE policies to discourage immigration and births from LOW SCALE peoples.

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You can smell the dung in the air in Calcutta India