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I no longer have words. The US government openly destroys the lives of millions of hard working educated American software engineers.  They just dont care at all.

The H-1B Visa is a temporary visa which allows a permanent path to citizenship for Indian and Chinese slag tech labor, mostly with fake degrees and fake resumes.

375,000 new invaders every year put 375,000 American engineers into the streets. Or cut wages in half. sometimes people are shocked I don’t want to work for the Indian wages. “I am a actual engineer, I have a brain and I went to real schools” I reply.

There are only 4 million tech jobs in America but over 5 million of these visa have been issued. More than 40% never leave, and with the squalor in India it’s no wonder why these are so prized.

But why is the government enacting a policy that throws our best and brightest into the streets? Well because BIG TECH demands these low wage slave laborers.

But in truth, I’m making LESS than I did in the 1990s and when you adjust it for inflation, less than HALF.

The murder of American software engineers goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and …

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