It costs $2800 dollars. But it’s a bargain compared to the millions divorce rape costs men. So men are swarming in droves for an alternative to the women who have been told they can ride miles of cock and them magically at 30 become virgins again and marry men.

“I’m not paying for a used roast beef sandwich” said Turd Flinging Monkey, a youtube commentator who rails against the divorce rape of men and urges them to “just get a WAIFU”

A WAIFU is a term taken from anime/otaku culture for an artificial girlfriend (usually taken from an anime or videogame). But more and more people are embracing Waifu’s of all sorts, be they holographic or silicone doll.

Waifus cost between $1500 and $20000 dollars with full AI robotic waifus arriving in five years. Are the women nervous? They should be. A new model with rotating vagina is slated for the holiday season. “It’s better than the real thing” screams Monkey.  Soon squeezing rotating and cumfabulous nether regions will outpace what slack jawed women can offer after riding miles of the cock carousel.  They will be programmed into AI brains and provide the perfect level of stimulation as the advanced WAIFU rides men into oblivion. It’s not here yet, but millions of lonely Japanese and American men stand at the ready to write the checks, so the research is plowing forward at a rapid pace.

Currently the Japanese seem to be winning the second wave, but strong AI companies will outpace them in the more advanced models.  For years dildoes and rabbits and all kinds of contraptions were made to keep women happy. Now it’s men’s turn.

But it seems, even the body isn’t needed.  Men are happy just to have a social companion. Enter the Gatebox hologram.

Kondo, who decided at an early age that he would never discover the perfect someone, said he found Hatsune Miku on the internet and instantly fell in love.

After spending many long nights on the internet with Hatsune Miku, he then figured out Miku was “the one,” for some time, Kondo became devoted to his virtual girlfriend, who has hundreds of thousands of other fans worldwide.

Kondo received congratulations from friends and other Hatsune Miku fans on social media. Likewise, he was also accused of being a “creepy otaku,” or a geek for marrying a virtual teenage girl.

Yet he is accepted as a teacher of children. In the USA he would be drummed out for sure. And the Otaku are fighting back as they become more and more the majority rather than a fringe of society.  Comic-Con and Anime culture is now sweeping Japan and the USA.

A marriage registration application from Gatebox, the company behind the virtual hologram device, was offered for those who wanted to marry virtual characters. However, Kondo soon found out that marrying something that is not real has no legal grounds. Whaaa No divorce rape? That’s perfect!

TFM Enjoys a Happy Moment with Waifu Celestina

“What do women have to offer if they are being beaten out by a piece of silicone, NOTHING, NOTHING” screams Monkey on his weekly talk show.

The fertility collapse in Japan and America is no joking matter. If you remove immigration and non-Europanic births, the American replacement rate has fallen to 1.4 births, a doomsday scenario. A 2.1 birth rate is required to sustain the population. Already Europanic Americans are drifting to the older side of the population while our new generation doesn’t resemble us at all.

But the gynocentric divorce courts are so railed against men, taking everything from them even their children based on trumped up charges and pushing them into a zombie like existence handing over all their earnings to wives who live a lavish livestyle while the men starve in their cars. That’s the new reality in America and it’s making men think twice about marrying American women. MGTOW – Men going their own way, is a small movement, but a frightening idea to the Gynocentrists who insist men must be work slaves for the gynocracy and entitled women. As more and more women can’t find men because they have turned to safer WAIFUs, the women themselves are feeling the endgame of their horrific onslaught against the male species.

And it’s not just financial rape or losing the children. Marriage was supposed to be to a young healthy virgin bride, probably soon after menses at age 16.  But women now ride on the attention of all the hungry love starved males playing them like sappy violins for everything they can, over and over for years and years. Finally around age 30 or 35 they wake up and go “ehh Ok I’m ready for marriage” and truly who would want them then? STDs, AIDS, and other incurables make intercourse with such a wanton woman which is the norm today quite dangerous.

“JUST GET A DOLL” screams TFM.  Maybe he’s right?

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