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“Please, we do not break laws, we just want jobs” scream the hungry masses of the “caravan” – migrants from Honduras and El Salvador.  But sadly, storming into the country illegally is breaking the law, and perhaps if we started putting these people into prison it would send the message that it is.

But the USA has long hesitated to prosecute border jumpers. In other countries you can’t rent an apartment or open a bank account without a national ID number. We have to remember America has CHOSEN to allow these things for border jumpers.

And sadly, until the bastardization of the 14th Amendment stops and anchor babies get the heave-HO there will always be a invasion crisis in America.

Trump could stop that also, by quietly requiring a SSN for the parents of all new SSN applications. It’s the SSN that is our key document. So why not? blatent stupidity and threats from leftie judges. Take it to the supremes I say, it’s time for an official statement. Woe to the court that upholds anchor babies.

People come from failed states with no notion to FIX WHERE THEY ARE.  No jobs? Create a company.  No good government? Make a new one.  Sadly, these countries are failing based on the PEOPLE. Bad people make bad government.  Low IQ people make for chaotic scattered countries.  Once it gets bad enough, and hunger rises, then gangs step in to fleece what little is left. “We are fleeing violence” they say but the reality is they are fleeing themselves.

And the governments are really bad socialist hells.

Honduras has terrible levels of market regulation, such as price controls on food, fuel and clothing. Electricity and telephone are run by state monopolies and they have onerous regulations for starting a business, especially for foreign investors. They are ranked 125, out of 185 countries, for ease to do business in. They also require government approval for foreign investment into healthcare, telecom, air travel and some other markets. They have a poor credit rating, as well, due to high deficit spending used to cover socialist programs. They had to reduce spending on these inefficient programs to improve their credit rating, which was successful in 2017. But cutting the make-work programs again left people without jobs, so they pushed north to invade the USA.

We need to return them to their countries, with books on capitalism and democracy, and teach them the winning system. As long as they embrace Communism and Socialism like our Democrat Party, their lands will be ones of misery and hell.


Sadly we need to learn from this. The pressures to turn America into a Gibs-ME-Dat society are strong with 92 million Americans of working age not in the work force. Already the welfare and disability roles have been a rape on our general social security fund, ripping the retirement money from tens of millions of Americans who worked hard and paid into it. Instead, lazy blacks hispanics and other ne’er do wells rape the system and cause poverty for our elderly citizens. For now, the government covers the gap by borrowing 1.5 Trillion dollars each year. This is utterly unsustainable.

The sad truth is America already has far too much of a welfare state, and too much of a warfare state, and both need to be cut back immediately before we face utter collapse. There is little time left to act.

Instead, Trump pushes bloated 700 billion military budgets. His “tax cuts” really weren’t for working class America, simply replaced peoples house interest deduction with a larger standard deduction with no change in rates and called it a win. Why? Because real tax cuts are impossible.

We are on a dangerous course.  We cannot bail out California’s illegal alien give aways as Obama did to the tune of 300 BILLION, that’s taxpayer money paying illegals. It’s called “stimulus” but really none of it stimulated jobs for Americans. What hell we went through under that ORC of an administration.  Trump simply has to push ten times harder. DAMN the torpedos. This namby pamby attitude to these problems will collapse our nation we have to fight this immediately.

Give them books I say, let’s start with Thomas Paine translated into spanish. And send them back to Honduras and El Salvador and Mehico.  They’ve got beaches and pretty senoritas, it should be paradise.