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When captured, the British would put you on a ship and starve you to death


This is an editorial and I’d like us to remember why the USA was formed. The American colonies were a device of MERCANTILISM meaning we provided raw goods and labor to England which would then manufacture them into high priced products which would be then sold around the world and eventually back to us.

Staples like Corn, Tobacco, Cotton and Sugar came from the Americas. Wood and Pelts.

There was minor manufacturing – furniture, pewter and silver ware, coopers making barrels for transport, and ship building. But mostly the colonies were a support system.

The colonies issued their own money – colonial script – and it was not taxed. If you owned land there was no property tax. If you worked there was no income tax. But you were limited in what business you could engage in. And that is where the British excelled – in laws and magistrates and stamps and documents to do every last thing.  So when the colonists finally encountered the stamp act, which required payment in british sovereigns, it was a huge burden on them and stifled business. Most all paper products had to be produced in the colonies from proper british stamped paper. Now this may have made sense for proper documents like land titles, but it extended even to newspapers and playing cards. It’s goal was to raise revenue for England, but it was a hard pill for the free Americans to swallow.

England was broke from the French-Indian war. So it was squeezing everyone. But the colonies were quite developed by this time. The simple farmers had evolved. Patriots like Thomas Paine would pen the words and help Thomas Jefferson with our core principles.  People think the words are from Jefferson but really America’s great thinker was Paine.

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Paine was the Genius behind the American Revolution

One of the sentences that got us into so much trouble was the infamous line ” all men are created equal”.  The context of the declaration of independence makes it clear, the argument is against KINGS and MEN. Instead the communists have twisted it to insist on an equality that none of the signers would have accepted.  Blacks were considered closer to animals at the time. They probably had the native African IQ of 70, not the 80-85 of mixed blood blacks of today – the offspring of white slave owners and their Africans. It’s hard for us to fathom just how poor a 70 IQ is – at that point one really is quite incapable of any advanced or independent thought.

So while the stamp act and other taxes were a way to bring the colonies to heel really they were an assault on the prosperity that was inevitable when people get to live and trade freely. A middle class of craftsmen and thinkers had arisen, a science movement and philosophical society had grown up. Cities had become larger and more complex and required more complex governing and planning. Yes America was still the land of the farmers and hicks, but the bustling cities and ports were lands of opportunities for those with the skills and hustle. Can do attitude and facing the frontier created men heartier than the DANDY british fops.  All this prosperity can not stand proclaimed King George III. The money belonged to England as far as they thought.

So the acts were a tightening on the colonies and a way to enforce CURRENCY CONTROL on them. Now a proper gold backed currency wasn’t the end of the world nor nearly as horrible as the fiat fake money of today.  Still the colonists insisted on freedom.  So much so it led to the schism and war.

England made one critical mistake. A new invention – the rifled barrel – had just been adopted by the minute men sharpshooters. And the British war method, of forming a large wall kneeling laying and standing and shooting at once in a massive blast simply made them easy targets to pick off from afar.  So the colonies lost every battle, but as the british would travel through the forests they would get picked off something fierce.

Remember that fewer that 5% of Americans supported the war. That’s where Paine re-entered again as a printer and publishing tomes in support of the war. This could have led to his hanging if the colonies and Washington lost. It was all a huge gamble. It’s a lesson that the few bright people MUST act to save the many.

But what have we done with our freedom? We are now taxed both on land and income, and huge exorbitant rates.  If you include the 15% social security tax, most Americans who work (thats becoming a small club) pay 50% or higher taxes on their earnings. And every ten years property taxes take 30-40% of the value of your house away. This is endless slavery. Well I’ll just go to a new free nation and start over? Not so fast, we are taxed on income no matter where in the world we earn it (barring the 100k deduction which while something, does not make the worldwide tax slavery any easier to swallow).

If you were to compare what colonists had with the stamp tax, vs. our current tyranical taxation which is unconstitutional but unwinnable, well you would rush for the stamp act and colonial government in a heartbeat.

But we can’t run that way anymore, not with a welfare state, and not with endless wars and army bases around the entire globe – 800 or so!  We have soldiers everywhere except where we need them defending our own lands and borders.

Have we failed at our experiment in freedom? More and more it looks so. The constitution was ordained and established for ourselves and our posterity.  But now America is a new people a new dark race of people.  Maybe that’s the plan all along, if the original Americans are removed, then those promises from our fore-fathers which were etched into the constitution maybe they don’t mean much anymore. It’s no wonder the Democrats scream to abolish ICE and open the borders wide to everyone from the whole world. In destroying the nation, they will rule a pile of rubble. It’s the plan of madmen.

The revolutionary war was a currency war. It was the British imposing their currency on America. And today, America goes to war  and overthrows rulers who oppose American currency? Have we become the evil british? Look at LIbya and Iraq what do they have in common? They both rejected dollars for trade.  China, Iran and Russia all do the same and make our enemy list. Coincidence or necessity? It’s hard to say.  But one truth is certain, overbloated fiat currency will degrade and become worthless over time.  Who is really buying American long term debt? Back hand channels through many layers and systems… mostly we buy our own debt.  A dragon eating it’s own tail, eventually the feast will end.