“Give me your drunks, your poor,
Your rapists and murders, yearning to get welfare free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send them back, the homeless, stinky footed who shit in the streets
I lift my lamp beside the golden exit door!”

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what a bunch of liars. It wasn’t stolen land. Americans BUILT the land and the nation from nothing. And the settlers weren’t immigrants they were FOUNDERS of a NATION. AND NOT they don’t have the right to come to any country they wish. NO that is not a right! They are required by international law to seek asylum in the first country they enter, so that would be Guatemala! Once they entered Mexico they already broke asylum laws and had NO RIGHTS TO NADA.

The “we are all immigrants” is total hogwash. America has had many periods, in particular until 1965, when there was very low immigration and we are all Americans.

Of course the land wasn’t stolen, the land was DISCOVERED by our founding fathers, a nation created.  Did the Indians build cities and farms and railroads and steel mills? Of course not!  And Texas was a frontier state unsettled, but mostly settled by AMERICANS who fought for and defended it and finally paid Mexico for it. Hardly “stolen” from Mehico.

And as for Claudia Gonzales, maybe she wouldn’t have been shot dead if she had not tried to break into a country illegally and attack border agents! LIKE DUH!

The marchers were organized by PSL – Party for Socialism and Liberation. More nutbaggers. From Venezuala. The party of Maduro the madman who wrecked the nation into starvation and horror. That’s what they want? Idiots.

The only solution to the deepening crisis of capitalism
is the socialist transformation of society.