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11/27/18 Updates

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Juan Williams took over for Geraldo today spouting INSANE MISS-TRUTHS about the border invaders:

“Somehow these are people who constitute a threat”

Yes they are a threat.

“Apparently about a quarter to more are with children”

Uhm no. Maybe 10 have kids, the other 5000 don’t.

“I think who created this is Donald Trump”

Uhm no, the socialist groups funded by Soros started these well funded Caravans. Apparently BETO’s left over campaign money is funding it also.

“What you had with Trump was separation of families at the border”

Uhm no, that was Obama’s policy.

Crazy Claims from 11/26/2018

Geraldo is the leftie commie open borders douchebag on “The Five”. He spouts commie nonsense endlessly. For example:

“We are a nation of IMMIGRANTS”

No. Our forefathers were a nation of SETTLERS who fought for and founded this country. We HAVE had waves of immigration – most notably during the industrial revolution, but this current wave of immigration is not planned, not welcomed, and is genocide against the native inhabitants. We will no longer exist as a nation if it is not reversed.

“These are desperate people they walked 2000 miles WHY?”

Well first of all they didn’t walk 2000 miles or they wouldn’t be here so soon, that would take months. SECONDLY, the WHY is easy – FREE WELFARE FREE HOUSING FREE FOOD FREE EDUCATION FREE HANDOUTS all for doing NOTHING. or NADA as the Mehicanos like to say.  They even get to give birth for free in our fancy expensive hospitales.

“Because they want to rape your daughter?”

Yep, a whole lotta raping going on by illegals. Thousands each year.

“They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs…”

NO. By being here they drive down wages dramatically so that Americans cannot afford to work those jobs. Whether they EVER go unfilled (doubtful since if they were wages would rise) really what invaders do is drive down wages by working for less and living in squalor. They also work for less by scamming welfare (they dont declare their marriage and husband works while wife gets free housing and welfare) and by not paying taxes. Much of the agricultural sector would modernize with automated picking machinery were it not for the abundance of cheap nearly free labor.  Geraldo says they want to deliver the pizzas. What about the Americans who want that job?

“I fear it is because they look different”

YES, not only LOOK different, but are GENETICALLY different. Their genetics create low IQ people who suffer poor planning skills and high rates of violence. They produce poor societies which tend to be bankrupt socialist hell holes and gang bangers. That is their genetics not their looks, and it not only arrives with them, but stays with their children. That is why this invasion is so utterly destructive. We can afford to absorb NO MORE of them, Already we are only 45% Europanic births.

“Their children are hungry (so they should get let in)”

There are a lot of hungry children in the world. Why don’t we ask why don’t these people NOT have children if they cannot provide for them, that is what Europanic Americans do. So our resources, which could be promoting more of OUR children, instead should go to feed hungry invaders? NO!

“They didn’t cross the border the border crossed them!”

Uhm no. this is a trotted out terror term that’s catchy but utterly untrue.  I can assure you 20 years ago the borders were exactly where they are now.

“This land used to be Mexico!”

Uhm not TEXAS! Texas was TEXAS. And it became part of the United States. Remember the Alamo? Texas became part of the USA in 1845. Half of New Mexico never was part of Mexico.

Mexico refused to give up it’s land claims in the South, and proceeded to attack American troops along Texas. This attack spewed up the Mexican-American War, from 1846 to 1848. Mexico lost the war, and the US easily won.

As the result, Mexico had to give up most of the Mexican Territory in the southwest. This included present day California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, as well as New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. This land was called the Mexican Cession, and in return for the land, Mexico was given 15 million dollars.

5 years later, the US bought additional land in present day Arizona and New Mexico, called the Gadsden Purchase.


You can listen to the rest.