They’ve done it! They’ve won! The last free nation on earth will collapse in just 30 years. The negros and brown dysgenic races will rule and there will be NO WHITE MAN to tax to death to pay for their chillin anymore.  Things will descend to hell on earth with gangs roving for food scraps. Welcome to the NNN.

Pew Research Study on Racial Projection of the USA

The formal studies are way off. They assume there are only 11 million brown invaders not 25 million today. Blacks were historically 9% of the population but today they count them as 13, the reality is over 14% now with all the welfare “chillin”

It’s the end of the nation as we know it. There will be no vote possible in congress to overturn the dysgenic path.

In fact, we might only have FIvE DAYS LEFT to vote something through congress before the DemoThugs take over.

Will they fret? Will they worry? Not really.  They are busing pushing a bill to increase immigration.

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Scene from the movie “Idiocracy” where Dysgenics have bred smart people out of existence

Welcome to the new dark America. No 130+ geniuses to invent the space age. No those days will be over.  the Europanic genes, formed by the ice age, the larger brains and abilities, all will turn to mush. At least there will be more good basketball players. That’s what society values – paying them ten million dollars a year while we let our engineers starve because of the five million low iq indians brought in to take their jobs.  It’s a WIN-WIN!

But there is a solution. We can just offer positions in our most prestigious schools to blacks regardless of their abilities. So that makes it all seem like things will be ok because blacks can do it too right? With an average IQ of 80 in America, somehow that doesn’t seem like it will work. Hispanics don’t fare much better with a average IQ of 85. That means by todays standard, more than forty percent would be classified as “retarded”.  Who pays the taxes for the welfare and disability when 60% of the nation is classified as retarded?

Right now, the money is coming by raping the general social security fund. The 2% disability tax isn’t enough to pay for all of them anymore. So white peoples savings are being looted to giving a free no work lifestyle to all the brown people. Well does it really matter since we are a dying nation?

Currently the middle class is being enslaved by taxation and inflation. They inflate the worth of our money away so scrimping and saving no longer helps. The bankers take the interest they should be paying on savings, and use it to make loans to bloated zombie corporations so they can buy back their own corporate stock at near zero interest, raise the stock price, exercise their stock options, and retire to big mansions in tahiti. Think its a fair system still?

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The Future of American Money Inflated Away – from the movie Idiocracy

The question is no longer how to save America, but where to go.

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The new america doesn’t quite have the brain power of the dying america