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Senator Thom Tillis Marches Back with Popcorn in hand

Senator Thom Tillis and a few other Republicans have proposed a “bipartisan” immigration measure that would dramatically increase seasonal guest worker visas.Of course, increasing immigration is the complete opposite of President Trump’s agenda, yet here are Republicans pushing their donors’ interests instead of their voters’. [Lawmakers strike deal to double number of guest worker visas, by Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, November 26, 2018]

The Tillis plan would expand the number of H-2B visas granted every year from 66,000 to 132,000. The only “restriction” in the measure is that the legislation would require employers to do more to ensure that everyone they have hired since 2012 is not an illegal immigrant.

This is shocking. Shocking. and anti-American. And very anti-Trump. What’s going on? Republicans eager to shill and sell out are using the lame duck session to do this that.

Rather than rewarding companies that drive down wages and make huge profits by exploiting this labor he should use the carrot and stick method. Shove a carrot up their ass and beat them with a stick.

Instead here are  few things they should be doing instead:

1) Reduce the number of H-1B visas granted to 10,000 per year. The system displaces American engineers and reduces wages and we now have a glut of FIVE MILLION INDIANS AND CHINESE who arrived here on the H-1B visa. They currently issue around 350,000 of these visas each and every year. Are there new job? no not really.

2) Require a valid SSN from a parent on the application for a SSN. Or a green card number.

3) Make it a felony charge to overstay a visa with mandatory jail time. As the border gets tougher many will just fly in.

4) Require all businesses to use eVerify on all employees or face large fines, how about ONE MILLION DOLLARS to start.

5) Outlaw banks from parking money at the federal reserve for interest. They are supposed to make loans with their money.

6) Build a test section of the wall, say 500 miles, for 1 billion dollars. Why not? Why does it have to be all or nothing. Start it. Try it. Learn from it! If congress does not fund it, order the army corp of engineers to do it, they need the practice.

7) Order 50% of all troops from around the world to return home. Reduce our active army size accordingly. Use more of a minute man approach with active trained reserves as needed for crisis.

8) Change the welfare system so that you get MORE money for NOT HAVING BABIES, not MORE MONEY FOR HAVING BABIES. Make it a bonus every three years. If you can keep ya va-jay-jay shut for three years, you get $3000 bucks. At the same time cut the dollars they get for each ghetto sack from $250 dollars down to $25 bucks but raise the overall general amount slightly (not enough to offset it).  That will make things harder on these 12 chillin families and it will immediately be a lesson to the upcoming generation NOT TO DO THAT. Did I say ghetto sack? Oh sorry that’s raciss. Plenty of whites abuse the system also.

That only took five minutes. Why can’t congress do that? Oh thats right they are corrupt hell demons.