While it’s true that having a nation with a unified culture is ideal, what is more important unified RACE or unified CULTURE.

Actually the entire question is orthogonal.  In reality the issue is reproduction patterns. As welfare costs go up to pay for the dysgenic races and/or excessive warfare, the Europanic people stop reproducing.  The situation is one of overwork and stress.

Meanwhile, the parasitic peoples leech off the government to fund massive reproduction and care not about living in poverty because their economic reach is so limited even if they applied themselves, due to genetics and low IQ.

So fix welfare and much of the problem goes away? Well not quite. There will always be a reproductive disparity between the high investment K-reproduction strategy vs. the R-reproductive rape em and leave em strategies of the darker races. While christianity may ameliorate this somewhat with culture it will never equalize.

So is the answer a pure mono-race ethnostate. Is that really the solution? Maybe not. The problem seems to be more that America is racially out of whack. It’s traditional 90% Europanic race has been pushed back to 65% and births are pushed back to 45%. A doomesday scenario if the course is not changed.

We have seen time and time again that when nations shift from majority Europanic/Mediterranean races to majority darker races they fall into abject horror poverty rape and violence.   South Africa is a good current example. But we can also look to Egypt and what happened as they lost their caucasian race majority. Similarly India also descended into a high reproductive low investment in children hell and became a low IQ shit in the streets country.  There are many other examples.

We can look at the worlds largest slums. They are all Black or Brown nations:

  • Khayelitsha in Cape Town (South Africa): 400,000.
  • Kibera in Nairobi (Kenya): 700,000.
  • Dharavi in Mumbai (India): 1,000,000.
  • Neza (Mexico): 1,200,000.
  • Orangi Town in Karachi (Pakistan): 2,400,000.

In 2016, for example, the U.S. took in the most refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (average IQ of 78), Syria (83), Burma/Myanmar (87), Iraq (87), and Somalia (68). (Mental retardation is defined as having an IQ of 70 or below.) These scores mean that, compared to immigrants from Japan (105), Taiwan (104), Italy (102), or Switzerland (101), these refugees will have higher rates of joblessness, incarceration, welfare use, and not obtaining a college degree.

Immigration data supports the theory. According to the Heritage Foundation, households headed by persons without a high school degree, on average, receive $46,582 in government benefits each year, but pay only $11,469 in taxes—a burden to taxpayers of $35,113 annually.

On the other hand, there are jobs and roles for the lower IQ peoples.  And if they can be kept to 10% or less of the nation then they will follow the Europanic role models set for them. They will intrinsically be more violent and psychopathological as that is their genetics and brain structure.  But it can be somewhat managed.

The big issue seems to be a misplaced leftist notion that all races are equal. While an argument that one race is superior to another seems to be not the point. More importantly there is a inventing high IQ race that forms productive society – the Europanics. There are also Asians, who have high IQ but are less inventive and are more easy to control in societies.  Which is why they tend to be susceptible to communism.

Another misgiving is that these notions – recognizing the lessons of race, society and history – is somehow RACIST or done out of hatred for other races. Just the opposite, it is trying to use scientific realities and history to understand the doomsday scenario that happens if we do nothing.  So staving off the genocide of our race and destruction of our society is “Racism”? Hardly. Racism implies an error. What is my error? There is no error. For example, if I say all black people have carrots for noses. Well that IS racism because it is an error. But if I say Blacks have an average IQ of 85 and much higher rates of crime and violence than Europanics in America, that isn’t racism. Its science or fact or observation. The left has colluded and conjoined any talking about race as somehow Racism. It isn’t true.

The big problem is that the USA has used the productive europanic peoples as goats, work horses and worked them to death to the point that most can’t afford to breed. Most of the middle class are leading frantic dismal trying to survive lives.  And the big warning sign – a reproductive rate of 1.4 – is not recognized or addressed by the government. Instead we are stuck in a cycle of endless welfare-ism and endless warfare-ism with the federal reserve fiat money printing debasing the currency worse that 400AD Rome.  What should we expect from this scenario? How do we address it? Do we seek a unified culture or a unified race?

Welfare use by first-generation immigrant households varies significantly by race as well, with the lowest rates among Asians and whites, and the highest rates among those from Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Africa:

welfare immigrants

Such welfare use continues even after immigrants are well-established. In come cases, it actually increases before it goes slightly down. welfare use well-established immigrants

We need to set up the reproductive strategies so that the middle class CAN afford children and turn DOWN the handouts so that the brown races cannot do well and don’t want children on welfare. For example, cut the payola for having more children on welfare while offering a bonus for not having children every three years. If they will go insane for the 40″ tv at walmart, think how crazy they might get to have a $2000 check.

We need to re-establish a culture that pressures women to settle down at 18 and have children first, then go to college and career when their children are eight to ten years old. That really isn’t so bad a deal, school at 27 or 28.

America has a hard work ethic culture that came from the Puritans and Protestants and Settlers. The problem is that blacks do not share in it.  A large reason for this is the rewards system is very anti intellectual in America.  Become an engineer and you’ll get watered down middle class wages for busting your ass because of the 5 million h-1b savages here who have take your jobs.  Become a rapper and you’ll get millions for barking like a dog.  Or become a sportster and again, lavished with millions. Should you try to be a writer or a talking head on TV? Most writers will never be successful while the dumb TV heads get millions each year.  So that reward-outcome shows a completely screwed up society and theres just no fixing it in the short term. But a lot of the distortions COME from the fiat currency and Fed Central banking system where they can flood sectors selectively with dollars.  Cities can demand taxes on property (that should be very illegal! it’s against the constitution! It’s against the foundation of capitalism!) and then decide to hand a Billion dollar brand new play stadium to billionaires so that their players can play and still have millions left over to pay them tremendously. And for many many years, you could not get cable tv without paying your tithe to the sport monkies. It was a racket. A shakedown. And finally that’s crumbling.

Ideally we should not think of racial purity and cleansing other races. But we also have to respect balance.  America will never return to its 90% Europanic roots. But that doesn’t mean that setting a target of 70% or even better 80% Europanic – to maintain our traditions and culture, to maintain OUR PEOPLE – is somehow wrong.  Isn’t that what Japan does? Isn’t that what China does? Isn’t that what Israel does. But someone Americans don’t have that right? Go to hell.

So everyone who argues against the issue of preserving the founding people of a country always take the extreme position. That our goal must be eradication of all races from the planet. Or something nuts like that. Instead, all we are talking about is wanting to stand AGAINST THE GENOCIDE OF OUR PEOPLE AND AGAINST THE EXTERMINATION OF OUR NATION.  The USA simply isn’t viable financially with a population of 60% brown people of whom HALF are on the gibsMeDAT system.  Already as is we are flying headlong into bankruptcy and default at a rate of 1,500,000,000,000 a year. Thats a lot! The interest is rising above 600 billion dollars a year on our budget. That’s a lot! This is ALREADY crisis mode. But it’s never talked about. That makes everyone else a complete imbecile as far as I’m concerned.

Meanwhile the Demothugs and the left push for MORE MORE BROWN PEOPLE. Endless open borders, ending ice, black thugs matter, and RACISM in government and Education – dumb blacks getting into harvard, blacks and hispanics getting government freebies and priorities on contracts, it’s all madness. All of that should be stopped immediately. But it wont be.

Sadly our nation will die and our people will be extinguished. It’s quite horrible. And it appears there’s nothing that can be done about it. The USA will be flushed down the toilet bowl of History just like Egypt and India.  Our new brown people will be non-productive and the middle class will revert to huts and shit in the streets. It’s already happening in California.

So what to do? Well we write. We talk. We try to wake people up.  But we get called RACIST because our brains function and we can look at simple unimpeachable facts and call that reality and truth.  When you are striving to save your entire nation, the cries of Racism no longer sting. When you are saving billions of your people yet to be born, the cries of Fascist no longer hurt.  We see the history behind us, after us, and our current situation clearly.  Race does matter and it must be controlled. Our DYSGENIC nation cannot continue on this course and survive or we will become a GHETTO NATION.